High School of the Dead
Alternative Names:

Gakuen Mokushiroku

Academy Apocalypse


Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2010
Air Date: Jul 5, 2010 to Sep 27, 2010
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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High School of the Dead

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A Show That Has It All.

This is the best new show of summer 2010. It has all the elements of a fantastic anime. I'm a huge fan of zombie stories, and this show doesn't pull any punches with it's zombies. All the characters are original and have their own individual appeal. The storyline doesn't sugar coat anything. It's a great depiction of the breakdown of society. It has it T & A parts but it doesn't go to overboard. Every episode leaves me wanting more.
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Best Zombie Anime, HANDS DOWN!


If you're into action-packed, blood and guts, sexy school girls, and love triangles, then you'll love this anime hands down! I am into perverted anime and I will not lie. OTAKU FOR LIFE. This anime stole my heart. From the killings, to the sexy uniforms, to a great story line! I highly recommend this anime to everyone!!!

Sexy, baddas ass, big booobed, killing machine, anime chicks!!
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And everything changed when the zombies attacked

Wow, this anime is amazing. Jumped into my top animes of all time really quick. Would recommend it to anyone even if it's their first time watching anime because it has something that everyone is familiar with. Zombies. Ah. In a post-apocalyptic world where the dead roam the streets while the living try to survive everyday. High School of the Dead puts you at the start of the outbreak and follows our group of main characters through the zombie apocalypse a they survive against the dead and the living. Seems like a pretty standard plot for a survival story. But High School of the Dead delivers it in a way that just makes you want more and keeps you intrigued until the very end. The animation is beautiful, with the blood flying everywhere and the character designs and what not. All the characters are badass in their own way. The soundtrack is amazing especially that opening song. And yes there is ecchi, a lot of ecchi. But the anime doesn't rely on the ecchi to make it great, its mostly there for fanservice. Trust me pick this anime up, it will be worth your time.
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North American Dream

Before diving into plot dynamics, characters, and animation appeal; let us begin with the reception of this anime by the fans. The reason I titled this review North American Dream is because of the relatively high popularity it has received in North America, far exceeding the popularity it received in Japan. Who can blame us? Zombies, fan service, and gore - even Milla Jovovich has nothing on these kids. With that being said, how well does this anime play out the zombie apocalypse scenario we all have grown to love?

Plot Summary

The plot summary is as basic as it comes, a bunch of high-school kids being thrown into the mass chaos that is the zombie apocalypse. I really enjoyed the first episode, as the first few take place in their school, and follows our main characters attempting to stay alive. This sort of entry really does a unique job at combining the high-school life of anime and analyzing how things would unfold in a zombie apocalypse. From there we get to see the struggles of a society that is undergoing a dramatic change due to lack of structure and Marshall law, and the survival of the fittest mentality that takes over. The anime does a good job at combining political agendas inside the subplots, making a basic concept more intriguing and giving a more thorough example of what life inside a hell like this would look like. One of my favorite aspects of the plot is the clash between instinct and humanity, as we see our characters struggle with the choices of saving others, killing other infected humans, even best friends, and maintaining their integrity that they aren't murderers.


We have several main characters. I won't bother going into names and specific character personality details, but will reflect the overall appeal to the characters in general and what makes them good or bad.

This anime does a good job at creating multiple character archetypes, some that create comedic relief, and some that create an intense setting you wish you could be part in. For a short series, the character development in the story is more than you would imagine, especially for a simple plot, but we get the chance to see romance grow, characters expand on their past, and most of all group of characters grow together as a group that becomes a family unit, protecting each other at all costs.The negatives to the characters comes down to the shortness of the series. Sometimes the character expansion seems out of no where for no reason.


The animation was great. The flow of every battle, every blood that flies across the scene is beautifully animated. You can expect plenty of fan service in this anime, as it is a more straight forward ecchi, with lots of underskirt and bouncing tata action! Characters seem more unique than other anime, and the zombies weren't too shabby either!

Overall Thoughts

High School Of The Dead is a good horror/harem anime that could have been great.

The anime had a great cast of characters that made it appealing, comedic, and intense all in one package. The fan service wasn't something to complain about, and the overall presentation of a zombie apocalypse did a good job at displaying the violent struggles that society would face, along with the ethical dilemmas that people would face during this. I give it 4 stars - It should have been atleast 26 episodes, especially with the slow start it got during the first 3 episodes!
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Great Show-If You Love Ecchi/Action

I've watched this show twice now, first subbed, then English dubbed. Both the Japanese audio with subtitles and English audio are very good, if not slightly different. Some dialogue in the English dub is different than the sub and the characters feel a little more Western, but the voice acting is good and the lip syncing matches up nicely (dubs that don't match well really bother me).

-Plot: The plot of HOTD is just like any other zombie story. The infection suddenly breaks out with no explanation as to where it came from or why it's happening. But now the characters are forced to find ways to survive without getting killed by these walking corpses. It's not overly complex, and if a deep, intelligent plot is what you're looking for, this show isn't really it. For such a simple plot, 12 episodes works very well, because if a show like this were to be dragged out, a lot of fans would probably drop it. Granted, we all are waiting for a season 2, but I certainly don't want this show to have more than 25 to 50 episodes or so. Then it just gets repetitive and ridiculous.

-Characters: I love the characters in the show. While some stereotypes of anime characters are present, I don't really feel like they're all just cardboard cutouts. Each character develops nicely throughout the 12 episodes, with the exception of Shizuka-sensei. She remains a ditz throughout pretty much the entire show and is really only there as fan service and to drive the other characters around.

-Fanservice: Yes, HOTD is heavy on the fanservice. And a lot of people criticize and even hate it for that. However, if fanservice and ecchi shows aren't your thing, all you have to do is stop watching. Fanservice doesn't automatically make a show bad, so long as it's done in an appealing way (everybody's opinion of appealing is going to differ). Personally, I like the way the fanservice is done. It can be over the top and unnecessary at times, but it doesn't feel cheesy or awkward (most of the time). I appreciate that it isn't shy about fanservice and is willing to shove boobs in your face. If a show claims to have fanservice, I expect full-on fanservice, not wimpy, awkward pantie shots.

Overall I give HOTD 4 stars. Much as I love the show, I recognize that the plot is a little too simple, the fanservice can be a little over the top at times, and the characters still feel a little bit stereotypical. I recommend High School of the Dead if you're into action and ecchi. However, if not, just don't watch it and please don't bash it just because of all the fanservice.
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With extreme gore and ecchiness this anime has no room for boredom!

Quite surprisingly, it's one of the first Animes to cover the topic of a post apocalyptic world ridden with zombies. Adding in the unique twist of having High School students as the survivors, and having a very Japanese flare to the storytelling and characters, High School of the Dead is one of the more overdue ideas coming to life in the Anime Industry.

The series will definitely delight and surprise you, it has a very interesting cast of characters, some of which are definitely very unforgettable and likeable. It's epic comedy, and badass otaku moments. Will literally leave you immensely entertained.
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High School of the Dead Anime Review

High School of the Dead


Takashi Komuro is a normal high school boy (as are many anime leads), but one day, an infection breaks out that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Along with his friends and the school nurse, he fights his way out and begins a journey to find out what exactly has happened to the world. (Adapted from ANN)


Highschool of the Dead is essentially what Japanese animators make when they feel inclined to produce something that screams "trash!" from the very onset, complete with a well-worn story of zombie apocalypses, a never-ending stream of gun violence, and, in between the various battles, scenes that approach pornography, seemingly placed precisely to placate impulsive sexual urges when the desire to see zombies have their heads blown off is exhausted. Exploitative from start to finish and entirely unapologetic about its own raunchiness, Highschool of the Dead at least has the good grace to maintain an enjoyable if derivative plot, rarely becoming boring and always managing to keep the viewer curious, and yet its tone makes it difficult to like and, at times, nearly impossible to watch. Indeed, once you get past the spectacle of the gunfights and over-enlarged mammaries, there is precious little to love in this series, its unlikable cast failing to bring any joy to an ultimately bleak and unsatisfying story and thus making the show feel like wasted time.

As said, the cast of Highschool of the Dead is made of the most stereotypical possible archetypes, and while I felt occasional affection for some of them, it was the kind that will never transcend the series itself, the characters being utterly dull when compared to those from some better-developed series. Once again, we get an angsty and troubled lead in Takashi, and this time one whose pettiness, stupidity, and bigotry make him entirely impossible to cheer for as the series progresses. Meanwhile, there is a banal romantic interest in the selfish and whiny Rei, anime's obsession with "cool and mysterious" presences manifested in Saeko, a precocious lolifang in Saya, an overweight and unintelligent otaku in Kohta, an insultingly stupid (and well-endowed) school nurse, and even a creepy and possibly pedophilic teacher, none of whose personalities are ever given the space to expand and hardly any of whom appear to be anything besides a means through which the show extracts basic drama and, in the case of the females, fan service galore. Kohta is at least charming in a lovably stupid way, and Saya's tempter tantrums are ocassionally amusing, but when compared to the many other characters in the field of anime, they hardly stand out at all. To make matters worse, the show actively renders an initially likable character, Saeko, into a detestable mess by introducing an entirely unnecessary backstory through flashback, and indeed, it seems as if this show's story was extracted from any and all possible trends within the medium of anime, the creators throwing in whatever love triangles and stories of abuse they could find in the hopes that they could make something interesting out of their lifeless cast.
With that being said, the show is very capable of being entertaining on a basic level, with the enjoyment of seeing zombies have their heads blown off trumping my dislike of the main characters and the pacing usually being measured enough to keep the story coherent and fast enough to move it along. There is absolutely nothing new to see here, for the various components of past zombie flicks (the scene where crowds of people desperately scramble to reach restricted zombie-free zones, the moment where weapons of mass destruction are released as a last resort) are present in full force, but it's a decent ride all the same for those who can stomach gun violence and more than just a little blood in their shows. The story is really nothing besides an exploitative bloodbath, the junk about biological weapons causing the outbreak being window-dressing in the end, but I will give the director (Tetsuro Araki of Death Note fame) credit for keeping it interesting.

And yet, as I went along, I could not escape the fact that the show seemed entirely pointless, and there were two events that brought that conclusion to mind. First of all, there is a point in the middle of the series, during the 6th episode, where the already ridiculous amount of fan service escalates to extremes, with panty shots giving way to an unwatchable communal bath scene and at least four places in the space of a single episode where mammaries are groped and manipulated. That particular episode is so irrelevant to the plot, so over-the-top, and so unpleasant to watch that it entirely derails the show, and the series just keeps on plugging it afterwards, the female characters going about their business in clothes whose width wouldn't even cover your little finger, butt and boob alike being endlessly highlighted, and, in one ridiculous scene, Takashi using Rei's breasts as a rangefinder for his rifle. The effect would be bad enough if the show was merely a sexist show that turned any and all females into objects of ogle as it does, but it is compounded by the fact that the series has no satisfying conclusion, the story petering out on a ridiculous cliffhanger and nothing regarding the state of the world or the zombies being at all resolved. I came away from this series with the feeling that I had been flipped off, lured by a vaguely entertaining premise and then slapped in the face, confronted with a series unaware of the fact that fan service will never be enough to sustain my interest in a story.
It's worth noting that I despise ecchi content and thus probably enjoyed this series much less than some people may have, but my core problem with Highschool of the Dead is that it, underneath its flashy spectacles of zombies being torn to pieces, is unlikable and unsatisfying. The fan service, as annoying as it can be, is really only an index of the cast's vapidity: there is no hope for characters who must be stripped naked to become remotely interesting. While Highschool of the Dead manages to avoid being boring, it leaves a foul taste in one's mouth, the kind that makes me wonder if I'd have been better off not bothering at all.

It gets a second star for (mostly) being entertaining, but the unlikable cast, unsatisfying story, and suffocating amounts of fan service make it very hard to recommend. Those who don't share my dislike of ecchi content may add at least one star, and those who can't stomach gun violence and gore should skip this alltogether. — Bobby.

My Score 3 Stars Out Of 5

Recommended Audience: Absolutely not for children. When the show isn't exploiting with copious amounts of blood and gore, it instead turns to exploiting with clothing of wire-thin skimpiness, communal bath scenes, gluteal shots, whole minutes where one's face is trapped against a mammary, and scenes in which the entire female cast appears to be having an orgasm. The English dub, meanwhile, also contains many utterances of strong profanity.

AKA: 学園黙示録 (Gakuen Mokushiroku)
Genre: Apocalyptic drama / ecchi action (with survival horror elements)
Length: Television series, 12 episodes, 24 minutes each
Distributor: R1 DVD from Sentai Filmworks
Content Rating: 17+ (borderline-pornographic fanservice, graphic violence, vulgarity, profanity)
Related Series: High School of the Dead OAV (sequel)
Also Recommended: Elfen Lied, GANTZ, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (for a better and very different disaster anime), (Non-Anime) Return of the Living Dead
Notes: Based on a manga by the Sato brothers, which has been on hiatus since 2011. The anime covers the first segment of the manga's story, while a subsequent OAV was released with the Blu-Ray version as a "bonus" episode that is reportedly little besides a concentrated version of the fan service from the main series.
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An absolutely amazing anime

This is one of the best animus I have found thus far! The storyline is captivating and the characters are amazingly diverse! I cannot wait for season 2. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good anime.
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