Hikaru Hitachiin
Last Name: Hitachiin
First Name: Hikaru
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Hikaru Hitachiin

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Which one is Hikaru?

HIkaru is my favorite character, and is my favorite twin! I wish in the end he was with her... but he is my favorite! I loved the fight between the twins.. had some lol moments! He really shows his differences from kaoru a lot, and i personally think he is cute when he gets really jelous!
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The adorable Hitachiin Hikaru!

I really adore Hikaru!!He is awsome and is my favourite character from Ouran High School Host Club!!!He is the "little devil type" and often act the “forbidden brotherly love” with his twin brother Kaoru-I actually don't really like it but it's still Hikaru so....Anyway he is not just cute and funny but it's kind too.There were many lol moments in the anime just because of the awsome Hitachiin twins!I loved the "Twins Fight" it was really funny xDD!In the episode "Hikaru and Haruhi date battle plan" we were able to see how much he likes Haruhi-and we saw him blushingl,i'm one happy crazy fangirl xDD,we saw him jealous as well and that was really cute,we saw how kind he is when he helped Haruhi with her fear of thunder.In the episode "Haruhi in wonderland" Hikaru and Kaoru were playing the part of the cat and i said-"CAT EARS!!!SO CUTE!!!I'M IN HEAVEN!!!".Anyway Hikaru and Kaoru never let someone into their world.They love to play the "Guess who is Hikaru game" but Haruhi is the only one who can guess who is who and that's why they greatly treasure her friendship.In the Heloween episode "KYAAA!!" we saw blushing Hikaru agai,sorry for the fangirling but now i'm addicted to him.Anyway Hikaru is a little bit more childish than Kaoru.In the last episode Hiakru was covering Haruhi to protect her,that was so cute!!Even if they look really alike there is something different and special about Hikaru that makes you love him.I really wanted HikaHaru ending but the creator didn't give it to me!I wanna kick something right now xDD!!Anwyay I LOVE YOU HIKARU!!!!