Hitomi Kanzaki
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Hitomi Kanzaki

(神崎ひとみ, Kanzaki Hitomi)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Kelly Sheridan (English)
Hitomi is a 15 year old high school student on her high school track team. She's a bit different from her classmates because of her fascination with tarot cards and fortune-telling. She received a set of tarot cards and a mysterious pink pendant from her grandmother when she was just a small child. When Hitomi learns that her crush, Amano Susumu, will be leaving to study abroad, she asks him to kiss her if she can sprint 100 meters in 13 seconds. Before she can make it to the finish line, a bright pillar of light appears before her. The pillar of light transported Van Fanel and the dragon he was fighting from Gaea to Earth. After Van successfully slays the dragon with the help of Hitomi, she ends up getting transported to Gaea with Van.

During Hitomi's time in Gaea, her psychic powers become evident and extremely important. Her powers allow her to find people or destinations through dowsing and accurately read the future through tarot card reading. This ability proves to be very useful when she and Van are fighting against the invisible guymelefs from Zaibach. Hitomi also discovers that she can change or stop Emperor Dornkirk of Zaibach's visions of the future. On occasion, Hitomi can unwittingly summon pillars of light capable of transporting herself and others to other locations. Throughout the series she is torn between romantic interest in both Allen Schezar and Van Fanel.

When she first arrives in Gaea she immediately notices the similarities in looks between Allen Schzar and her crush Amano Susumu. Because of their similarities Hitomi quickly falls for Allen. This new crush creates romantic tension when she realizes that she is actually in love with the King of Fanelia, Van Fanel.

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