Horikita Maki
Last Name: Horikita
First Name: Maki
Pori chan
Hara Marina
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tokyo
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: Oct 6, 1988
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
Page Views: 30353
Fans: 269
Forum Posts: 9
Wall Posts: 29
Photos Uploaded: 78

Horikita Maki

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Is she talented? OMGGG YEAAHHH!! xDDD


Okay, the first drama I saw her in was Hana Kimi. Its her most famous one I think she had so far. Her role as Ashiya Mizuki [the female lead] made her fans skyrocket. She also starred as Nobuta in Nobuta Wo Produce. Her work, is truly amazing.

Her acting makes dramas way better. Plus, the two dramas I think she played well in, for some reason I think the characters are a little similar. They both run fast? [Hana Kimi & Nobuta Wo Produce] Well.. ANYWAY...

This girl dressed as a guy beats most of the guys I have ever seen, and her dramas are amazing! Watch her already!!!!!