Hotaru Imai
今井 蛍
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Hotaru Imai

Hotaru Imai is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Alice Academy. She is the best friend of Mikan Sakura, the story's protagonist. It was Hotaru transfer to the academy that made Mikan runaway from home to join her. Hotaru possesses the alice of invention and is popular amongst many of the companies in Japan who want to use her alice. She was given a two rank because she has a good reputation and was promoted to three stars later on. On her first day of class, she didn't bother to talk to anybody. The next day she wore an egg helmet to hide her face and her classmates were surprised that she made the egg helmet in one day. She often invents things that are eccentric and does not like being told what to do.

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[Edit]Alice: Invention
Alice Stone Color: Purple
Type of Alice: Technical Ability
Star Ranking: Triple Star


She is extremely intelligent and rational. During the story, though she may appear to be rather cold and indifferent on the surface, it is apparent that she genuinely cares for Mikan. Hotaru breaks the fourth wall by teaching the audience about her inventions. The other characters see her explaining her inventions to apparently no one. Hotaru is labeled as weird, odd, and rather strange by other students, and sometimes she can be arrogant and has a bad-mouth, which others find irritating.

She also tends to be fairly "sassy" through the variety of things she either does to bully Mikan, or punish others who bully her. Though, she does has some "stupid" points; her constant eating habits and her greedy side that causes her to make inventions that need a toll payment. She tends to be a "pig" when it comes to food and has a particular liking in seafoods. Hotaru is very lazy, as she has her inventions to do her work for her. Because she has no talent in swimming, other students teased her for having a 'Non-swimming Alice'.

As an enterprising student, she likes blackmailing people, most particularly of Ruka. She takes pictures of him showing his gentler side, probably to cater to the girls (and some guys) in the school, who would buy them (although it's also known that animals had performed little favors or paid her for those pictures as well). She does not only take photos of him, though, when a returning alumni and current famous actor, Reo, shows up, she makes sure she is at a vantage point to get good photos. She complains that the effect is, however, rather ruined when Mikan somehow falls into Reo's path


Hotaru's Alice is Invention, and during her time at the country with Mikan and her grandfather, she created many strange but useful inventions, often made to look like animals.
When Hotaru makes something, it always has fine mechanics, but somehow her idea changes into a strange power and takes over the object. Hotaru's Alice is very common and it attracts a lot of firm's attention. But her Alice has its ups and down. Most of the time, she makes inventions for pranks or to help her to be lazy.She has the same Alice as a middle school boy, although he is a 'Double Star' and she is a 'Triple Star' (the second-highest star rank in the Academy, next to 'Specials' like Natsume), partly because more people buy her inventions.Her alice gave her many fans, just like her brother. On new years there were many cards sent to her.


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