Housen Ryofu
Last Name: Housen
First Name: Ryofu
呂布 奉先
Gender: Female
Type: Person
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Housen Ryofu

The following is a list of Ikki Tousen characters. Characters are listed by the school they are affiliated with and the character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms on which they are based.

Source: Wikipedia
Extended Information

Ryofu is a arch-rival in the show. She works for Totaku to try to kill Hakufu. However, many of her missions fail. She has a girl friend name Chinkyuu Koudai, who dies later in the show.

In the last volume in Ikki Tousen, Hakufu comes to Totaku's greenhouse. Ryofu is killed while she, Totaku, and Hakufu were in battle.