Hubb Lebowski
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Hubb Lebowski

(ハブ・リボウスキー, Habu Ribōsukī)
Voiced by: Mitsuru Miyamoto (Japanese), Bob Buchholz (English)
A police detective and ex-husband of Cher Degré. He is still very much in love with Cher and seeks to protect her, often half-jokingly asking if they still have a chance together. After Quent had shot Kiba, he was detained and questioned by the police, including Hubb, at which point Quent said that the animal he had shot was no mere dog, but a wolf. After hearing this Hubb began to obsess over the matter, and once he was given a copy of the banned "Book of the Moon" by Cher after she leaves to hunt Cheza with a commander of the army employed by Lord Orckam, he became completely and utterly enthralled with them, teaming up with Quent as he continued his search for Cher. His death occurs when he loses his grip climbing up a cliff in the next to last episode. He is seen inhaling a cigar in his final moments.

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