Hunter-Hunter Greed Island Final
Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 14
Type: Series
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Hunter-Hunter Greed Island Final

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Gon's and Killua's journey through Greed Island continues. Searching for his father, Gon wanders round Grees Island until meeting Bisuke. Bisuke serves as their master and trains Killua and Gon and enhance their abilities. The three encouter many troubles, as well as clues to Ging's whereabouts, and strived to emerge successful.
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Biscuit Kruger (lead)Akiko Kimura
Gon Freecs (lead)Junko Takeuchi
Killua Zaoldyeck (lead)Kanako Mitsuhashi
Kurapica (lead)Yuki Kaida
Leorio (lead)
FeitanAkari Hibino
Ging Freecs
HisokaHiroki Takahashi
Karuto Zaoldyeck
Kuroro Lucifer
PhinxYoshiaki Matsumoto
ShalnarkYasuhiro Takato
ShizukuBungo Atsuko