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It's a remake of the 1999 TV series Hunter x Hunter based on the original manga . The task is to became a Hunter and not any Hunter! A Professional one. A Hunter is defined in two was either a one who travels doing all different kinds of dangerous tasks or searching for lost treasures in this imaginary world. The story is forced on a young boy called Gon whom his father has disappeared long time ago, being a Hunter. Gon has determined to step his father's way to become a hunter so he may reunite with his one day.
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Gon Freecss (lead)Megumi Hanajima
Hisoka (lead)Namikawa Daisuke
Killua Zoldyck (lead)Mariya Ise
Kurapika (lead)Sawashiro Miyuki
Leorio (lead)Keiji Fujiwara
Chrollo LucilferMiyano Mamoru
MenchiAya Hirano