I Am Sam
Alternative Names:


I'm Sam

I Am Teacher

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Aug 6, 2007 to Oct 2, 2007
Episodes: 16
Type: Series
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I Am Sam

The story focuses on the conflicts between the young teachers and the problems that high school students have. Jang Yi San is a timid and incompetent classical music teacher who has to teach the only daughter of a highly dangerous mob leader. Eun Byul is the mob leader's daughter and she is also a new student at MyungMoon High but knows nothing whatsoever.

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Broadcaster: KBS2

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Lee Jin Mae
Director: Kim Jung Gyu


01. 나만나만 (只有我只有我 / Only Me Only Me) - Paran (파란)
02. Love You (Orchestration mix) - 별 (Byul aka Star)
03. I Do - Genie
04. Love You - 별 (Byul aka Star)
05. 나만나만 (Instrument)
06. 기분 좋은 하루 (心情舒暢的一天) - (경음악)
07. 사랑, 마음의 병 (愛情,心之病) - (경음악)
08. Fever (경음악)
09. 달리기 (賽跑) - (경음악)
10. 아이 (孩子) - (경음악)
Chae Moo ShinChoi Seung Hyun
Lee Min Ho
Park Min Young