Ikue Kimura
郁絵 木村
Casting Information:
Full Metal Panic
As Kyoko Tokiwa
Type: Person
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Ikue Kimura

Ikue Kimura (木村 郁絵, Kimura Ikue?) is a seiyū who was born on December 10, 1978 and is currently best known for her voice role as Kyoko Tokiwa in Full Metal Panic!. Other roles include Liquiy in Kiddy Grade. Her blood type is AB.

Ikue Kimura also did the theme song for Tokyopop's Anime "Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School". The Title is Aoi Shuumatsu or Blue Weekend.

In this anime, Ikue Kimura plays the part of Ryoko Mitsurigi, the main character.

Source: Wikipedia
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