Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 26
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Keita Kawahira
By Jun Fukuyama
By Yui Horie
Type: Series
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Kawahira Keita was a descendant of historic Inugami(*) tamer family. However, because he lacked in its ability, was thrown out by the family. One day, an Inugami named Yoko came. She looked graceful, obedient, above all, beautiful. Soon he made contract with her, and she paid homage to him. However, she was a problematic Inugami that no one had been able to control.

This is a slap stick comedy of an Inugami Tamer, Keita and an Inugami, Youko. Keita is a man of worldly passions, and he likes money and girls very much. On the other hand, Youko likes to destroy things and very jealous.

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Keita Kawahira (lead)Jun Fukuyama
Youko (lead)Yui Horie