It Started with a Kiss
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E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen

Country of Origin: Taiwan
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Sep 25, 2005 to Feb 12, 2006
Episodes: 30
Type: Series
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It Started with a Kiss

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♥ It's a love story, baby just say...yes. :)

Synopsis: After an earthquake, Xiang Qing's house was destroyed. Due to this, her and her father were invited to stay at an old friend's house. Xiang Qing is a high school student in class F, meaning her grades are...terrible. The day before, she had confessed her unrequited love to Zhi Shu, the most popular and handsome guy in school. He is also the smartest guy in school, and possibly even in Taiwan. He had rejected her and now arriving at their new place, she finds out that her dad's friend is actually Zhi Shu's father. Zhi Shu and Xiang Qing come off to not such a great start. However, with her bickering and his coldness, he finally starts to open up to Xiang Qing. Not to forget with the help of his mother, Xiang Qing and Zhi Shu are in love. Except neither Xiang Qing is smart enough to notice, and Zhi Shu, too stubborn enough to confess. However, when another girl comes in and falls in love with Zhi Shu at first sight, her grandfather offers to help Zhi SHu dad's company, only if he marries her. Will Zhi Shu marry her? Or will he finally confess to Xiang Qing, and ends their misery? Find out!!

Acting:SUPERB! So amazing, it COULDN'T have been better!!! ;D ;D Joe Cheng [Zhi Shu] and Ariel Lin [Xiang Qing] have such great chemistry together. And Pei Zi Yu played by Tiffany Xu, was also great. I love how they became friends toward the end. The mother [Cyndi Chaw] was SUPER funny ! Lol it was so hard not to laugh at her efforts of getting Zhi Shu to like Xiang Qing. Lol I want her to be my relative too! lol. xD Ah Jin [pJiro Wang] was also great. :] I couldn't help but feel bad for him throughout the whole series. Lol!

My Review:AMAZING! I loved it. ;D Just as much as i loved the anime and manga and the second season! lol. IT IS DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It Started With A Kiss Review

I found this drama extremely cute and couldn't help but get hooked. When I first started to watch it I thought it was going to be boring but as it started to go on it just clicked.


-The main character fitted each other
-The characters were believable
-Everybody wasn't perfect
-Their clothes were pretty normal


-When it was raining it always seemed to pour
-They could have had a little less of Pei Zi Yu (Just a personal thing)
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It Started with a Kiss: My 1st TwDrama

Overall: I liked this drama. I would recommend it if it didn't have the second season (which just drew it out in a bad way).
Storyline: It's about this girl (Xiang Qin) and her father who are forced to move into one of the father's old friend's house (who's son Zhi Shu happens to be Xiang Qin's crush). Throughout the series the Xiang Qin is completely in love with Zhi Shu, and he only gives her the cold shoulder. It's way funny and cute. I was glued to my computer and was watching it every spare moment I had.
Music: Kind of cheesy, but cute.
Characters: I love Xiang Qin (even though others have thought she was annoying) and Zhi Shu is also great.
Acting: Ariel Lin is a great actress. People always think other wise because in this drama she plays a ditz, but if you've seen her in Love Contract you would see that she truely can play any character (and do it well). Joe Cheng did a good job playing the "cool guy" in this one, but after watching the first episode of Love or Bread I saw that he can only play "the cool guy" and nothing else (he was horrible in Love or Bread when he was supposed to be funny).

One of the Best Taiwanese Dramas!

Although I have not read Itazura na Kiss or seen any other versions, ISWAK definitely has a place in my heart. This is my first drama ever and it is still #1! The cute, annoying, arrogant, silly, passionate, hateful, outright idiotic story of Xiang Qin, an unattractive, F student and Jiang Zhi Shu, the attractive star student is one that is irreplaceable! Ariel Lin does an amazing job at dumbing herself down, while Joe Cheng does an incredible job at acting serious for once! Although somewhat cliche, and other versions are available, I highly recommend ISWAK! The warmth and laughs can't be obtained anywhere else!

Best Versin of Itazura Na Kiss, Hands Down.

I absolutely LOVE It Started With a Kiss (ISWAK). I fell in love with the characters so quickly, and I kinda felt like I was right there with them. All of the characters play their parts so well, and you can practically feel the chemistry between Xiao Qin and Zhi Shu.
Actors Most of the acting in this show is brilliant. You connect with each character in a certain way, and the actors have a way of twisting my emotions and turning them inside-out when I least expect it :)
Characters: Aside from the fact that Xiao Qin is dumb as a board, I loved everyone's character. Zhi Shu has this way of acting that makes you want to hate him at times... but you just can't. I won't go into every character, but don't worry. You'll have a special opinion on everyone by the end of the drama.

Wanna Compare with Playful Kiss?
I absolutely love the show Playful Kiss, but PK has nothing on ISWAK. Zhi Shu is so much more lovable than the cold-hearted Baek Seung Jo, and by episode 4 you can clearly see his emotions (unlike Mr. Baek Seung Jo). Although Xiao Qin is ridiculously dumb (like, cringeworthy dumb), you can't help but root for her no matter what. As far as rivals go, in PK I absolutely hated Joon Gu, but in ISWAK he was so lovable that I was able to think of him as adorably annoying instead. In Playful Kiss I hated Hae Ra, but my hate for Hae Ra was nothing compared to the feeling of wanting to strangle Zi Yu in ISWAK. They do a great job making you hate the rival, but go back to not hating her later.

Should you watch it? DEFINITELY

What are you waiting to watch it!

I mean this is just probably the best adaptation of Itazura na Kiss out there, no matter how you look that it. There is no way you get bored even at the stupidity and incapability that Ariel Lin Character Xianq Qi shows, I mean you can't help it but go all soft on her and cry and laugh with her. Nor can you help sympathizing with poor Jiro Wang character Ah Jin, or tell yourself that she needs new friends lol and you also want to beat up Joe Cheng character Zhi Shu and falling for him at the same time. You can definitely tell that the actors are doing a good job. And that they are really portraying the right emotions.