Izaya Orihara
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Izaya Orihara

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The Man You Love to Hate

My feelings for Izaya Orihara are very mixed. Of course I was originally drawn to his natural good looks, but he has a very twisted personality that borderlines insane. Whenever trouble brews, you know Izaya is there. There are times where I disagreed with his actions, and even hated him for the things he did, but in the end he hate melts into a strange kind of tingling love that is definitively categorized as a "bad romance" feeling (think "the guy you wouldn't bring home to your parents"). Defiantly a character whom I would have liked to know more about, his past, why he is the way he is, and the mutual hatred between him and Shizuo. Regardless of any loose screws he may have, Izaya Orihara will forever remain tied with his eternal nemesis, Shizuo, as my favorite animated character of all time.
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My Favorite Character

When I first saw Izaya (which was while watching the anime) my first thought was "Hey this guy is totally hot!" Now even though I thought he was hot I didn't really think he would be that interesting of a character, oh god how I was wrong. Its rare to come across a character as interesting as Izaya, and for me it's even rarer to find one I can relate to. I know most people don't like Izaya cause they say he's a 'jerk', but that's probably the reason I love him so much! Izaya won the spot of my favorite character, meaning he had to surpass other great characters such as Kano Shuuya (Kagerou Project), Yuno Gasai (Future Diary), and Maka Albarn (Soul Eater). Izaya is so great I feel like even if you're a Shizuo fan (which most of my friends are) they'll still have, if even a little, respect for Izaya, and his crazy ways. So ya if you look at this review...... you can tell I really like Izaya XD
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Izaya Orihara!! x)))

ofcourse, sexy bastard #2
izaya is generally hot. he sorta has the badass hot, but he's just generally hot.
i like his personality. his sadistic personality reminds me of... me... :D
why he's a fucking awesome character?
because he's part of my favorite yaoi couple!!! SHIZAYA FTW!!! X)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(no i don't actually have taht many mouths)
actually, he's the one who keeps the whole drrr going. and he's one of the invincible people.
he's the only one who can survive a shizuo attack... WHICH IS WHY THEY'RE FRICKN LOVERS
don't ruin my fantasies.