Jade Liu
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Last Name: Liu
First Name: Jade
Jade Lau 刘力扬 劉力揚 Liu Li Yang Liu Liyang
Gender: Female
Hometown: Beijing
Country of Origin: China
Blood Type: B
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Type: Person
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Jade Liu

Jade Liu is a singer currently signed with HIM International. Jade won 3rd place at the 2006 Super Girls. In 2008, she joined HIM and later released her first album, I am just what I am. Her song, Tears smiled, was used in a mv to support the Sichuan earthquake and received millions of views in one week. Songs from her album were at the top of charts in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland, Vancouver and Malaysia.

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Extended Information

Jade Liu was born into a military family, and studied advertising in England. After watching a DVD of the 2005 Super Girls, she decided to join. She received 1st in the Guangdong (Canton) area, and went on to win 3rd overall.

I am just what I am

-translations from her CD description

Independent - "I am just what I am " -----(a mix of East and West, rock and hip-hop. A theme song written just for Jade Liu)
Brave - "Tears Smiled " -----(cry, and then stand up bravely. The newest motivational love for girls)
Humor - "Reliable or not" ----- ( a song for unreliable guys, a song by rock n roll girls)
Sad - "Reminiscing Rain" ----- (specially written by Sun Yanzi's producer, Jade paints a butterfly music world)
Classical - "One Sentence, One Wound" ----- (another Chinese styled song, Fang Wenshan's first thoughts of Jade Liu - strength)
Romantic - "Sorry" ----- (classical music, modern interpertation, R&B takes you on a heartfelt journey to Taipei)
Lonely - "Single' ----- (melody master Yuan Wenren's classic production)
Stubborn - "What's wrong with loving you" ----- (you can't miss her English melody)
Fragile - "Dead End" ----- (Beijing's autumn, shattered heart)
Forever - "Legend" ------(a duet with Lin Yoga, a forever love song of 2008)

-the type of voice that makes girls want to idolize her and makes boys want to love her (music producer and critic Bao Xiaobo)
- Her voice has an inner beauty . When you listen carefully, it's like quietly contemplating about something. Refreshing. (lyricist Fang Wenshan)
-Not full of techniques, but with a natural attraction (music producer, Yuan Wenren)
- The owner of this voice has a royal air. She, is special. (SHE's lyricist, Shi Rencheng)
- A one-of-a-kind good voice in the mandarin music circle (Jay Chou's producer, Michael Lin)
- with this type of beauty, voice, and attitude, she has potential! (Stefanie Sun's producer, Li Sisong)
- Her voice is sweet and powerful at the same time. A new queen of music (HIM head music producer, Wang Zhiping)