Jam Films 2 - Movie
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Year Produced: 2004
Episodes: 2
Type: Series
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Jam Films 2 - Movie


Jam Films II

Part two of "Jam Films (2002)" is composed of shorts with visual and audio collaboration to showcase their unique talents. This sequel has four works, while the first omnibus had seven. Although the newcomers are relatively unknown in the film industry, they have credits in many music videos.

1. Kijo no Kuron (An Armchair Theory) :
Junji Kojima creates "Kijo no Kuron (An Armchair Theory)" which deals with know-how of romance and its practice with the Ramens. This is a parody of instructional videos on how to find love.

(If you're familiar with 'The Japanese Tradition' series, this is the one! - Fae)

2. Clean Room :
Eiki Takahashi's "Clean Room" starring Kumiko Aso describes a sensitive woman who traps herself in the plastic bubble in fear of the outside world. She gradually lured out of her comfort zone. This piece is visually stunning and meditative.

3. Hoops Men Soul :
Hidenori Inoue directed "Hoops Men Soul" starring Takamasa Suga. A teenage girl is kidnapped by cruel moneylenders and held for 10 million yen ransom. Her boyfriend and his gang come to the rescue. This is a fusion of comedy, street culture, and action.

4. Fastener :
Popular band Mr. Children's "Fastener" inspires Kohki Tange's 30-minute work. A moving meditation on memory and spiritual rebirth. "Fastener" deals with the impact of a child's realization that adults spend most of their lives hiding behind disguises. Tange explores this concept in surrealist imagery, as an elderly man revisits childhood memories from his deathbed.

Daiki Arioka - Boy
Kumiko Aso - Hoshino
Mikako Ichikawa - Ouno Yoko
Hanae Kan - Yuka
Jin Katagiri - Matsushita Ichiro
Kentaro Kobayashi - Honda Akira
Nao Omori - Kuroki Iwao
Eihi Shiina - Actress
Takamasa Suga - Hiroshi
Reiko Suho - Miku
Rina Takagi - Underwear Woman A

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