Last Name: Kim
First Name: Hyo Jin
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Birthday: Sep 18, 1981
Member of:
Brown Eyed Girls: Leader
Type: Person
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Fans: 8
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Jea (real name: Kim Hyo Jin, born on September 18,1981) is the leader and main vocalist of South Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girls. She is well know for her powerful vocals and has composed various singles for BEG. According to Jea, she herself went around and searched for the other members of BEG and first found rapper Miryo followed by Narsha and Ga In. The group's popularity sky-rocketed when they released Abracadabra, known for its "hips swaying" dance, and the song became one of the best singles in 2009.

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Featured in/ Solo

2009 - "Hateful Love" - Black Pearl (ft. Jea)
2009 - "Harmony" (Jea and Lee Young Hyun)
2010 - "Mia" - Chuno OST
2010 - "Love is" (composed and sung by Jea ft. Miryo)
2010 - "Poison" - Fugitive B OST
2010 - "Because you sting" (ft. GO from MBLAQ)