Jean Havoc
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Jean Havoc

Jean Havoc (ジャン・ハボック, Jan Habokku) is one of Roy Mustang's most trusted subordinates. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette. He was recruited by Mustang for his loyalty and general sincerity, as well as his above average shooting skills. Because working for Mustang requires moving frequently and a complete dedication of time, Havoc has very little free time and cannot maintain a relationship with a woman for very long. Havoc does not play a large role in the anime, only being another of Mustang's subordinates. In the manga he unknowingly dates the big-busted homunculus, Lust, who tries to extract information about Mustang from him. She is unsuccessful, and eventually reveals her true identity to him. In the course of the attempt to kill her, Havoc is severely injured and Mustang is forced to use fire to seal the wounds. Though this saves Havoc's life, the lower half of his body is completely paralyzed. Feeling that he can no longer be of use to Mustang, he tries to leave the military, but is instead encouraged to find another way to help Mustang's cause. When Mustang's party runs out of ammunition towards the end of chapter 89, an armored truck (disguised as a ice-cream truck) containing new supplies arrives to their timely aid and later escorts them out to safety. This truck is revealed, at the end of the chapter, to be a gift from Jean who calls Mustang on the phone, now working at his family's store (which apparently deals in more than just common sundry). He now sports a wheelchair and a beard.

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