Jin Do Hyuk
Last Name: Jin
First Name: Do Hyuk
Jin Do Hyeok
Gender: Male
Hometown: Seoul
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Hero (MBC)
By Lee Jun Ki
Type: Person
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Jin Do Hyuk

Jin Do Hyuk, a newspaper reporter who is full of ambition.

Jin wants to become a reporter like his father, but he comes from a family which struggles from the rigors of life and he was not able to study of his own will due to his immature sister who financially worsens the situation. Jin barely gets into a third-rate newspaper but runs into a wall when the paper decides to cease publication. However, he grows with new dreams and expectations, when his interviewee, a former gang boss, proposes that they set up a new newspaper. Jin's optimism and aggressiveness could be taken as someone who is fun compared to Lee's previous roles where he was an undercover agent for the intelligence service or had to be a real hero carrying a heavy burden on his shoulders. Lee repeatedly emphasized that Jin is a character who is "less serious and more cheerful" than previous characters he has played. But Lee will not have a completely easy time with his role playing someone who transforms into a reporter with a strong sense of justice and speaks up for the lower middle class society.

Extended Information

Hero / Heroes (Hieoro, 히어로; Unseen Warfare, 보이지 않는 전쟁; Strange Heroes, 수상한 히어로즈) is a South Korea romance drama starring popular actor Lee Jun Ki and Kim Min Jung . It is set to air November 18. On October 8, new stills were released of Lee Jun Ki in action on the set, which follows a previously released still of second lead Eom Ki Joon, who plays a rival reporter.

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