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Punch and Judy are the outspoken hosts of Big Shot, the show covering the latest happenings in the star system for bounty hunters. It is often from Big Shot that the crew of the Bebop learn of a new bounty, or gain a tiny clue towards nabbing their current interest.
[Edit]Judy (ジュディ) is Punch's sidekick. She takes on the persona of a bubbly, unintelligent woman who generally has silly or outrageous reactions to the current bounty they are promoting or something that Punch says. At the end of the series, Big Shot is canceled and here we are given the only clue to Judy's real personality. She reacts with extreme anger, changes to her real voice (which is much lower and not bubbly at all), and exclaims the show will be hearing from her manager. It is obvious her onscreen persona and her real personality are nothing alike. Later on in the series, during the conversation between Punch and his mother that he picks up from the airport, Judy has been engaged to her manager.

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