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Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Episodes: 51
Type: Series
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Zed is a 15-year-old boy who lives in Calm. He is frustrated by daily life, and he's seeking for the place to try his possibilities.

One day, a mysterious wind invites him to a time-space crevasse. He dives into the crevasse seeking for the answer that might be there.

Where he lands is another world. There, "Shard Casters" have been fighting against each other endlessly using “Shadow”, which is a crystal of magical power. With the power of Shadow, the Shard Caster uses magic and monsters called "Spirit".

Fascinated by the power, Zed wants to be a Shard Caster. However, he doesn't know that a big Spirit, "Amil Gaul", lies in his body, and that its power is so large as to influence the future of this world…


Kiba's main character is Zed, a 15-year-old boy who lives in a place called "Calm". Frustrated by his current situation in life he feels that somewhere out there is a place where he can live more fully. One day, at the invitation of a mysterious wind, Zed dives into a space-time crevasse (portal), seeking the answers that might be there. Riding on the wind, he is transported to a war-torn world where magic users called "Shard Casters" fight endlessly with each other, using spells in the form of marble-like "Shards".

With the power of the Shards, the Shard Casters are able to use spells and control monsters called "Spirits". Fascinated by that power, Zed aims to become a Shard Caster. However, he still doesn't know that residing in his body is "Amil Gaoul", a mighty Spirit with the power to influence the world's future. Amil Gaoul is one of the "Key Spirits" that, when together with the other Key Spirits, can destroy or save the world. There are a total of six Key Spirits: Amil Gaoul, Pronimo, Sachira, Monardi, Jumamis and Shadin.

Zed undergoes countless trials in order to find out who he really is and what is most important to him.

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Noa Boalia (lead)Kazuma Horie
Roya (lead)Nana Mizuki
Zed (lead)Hiroyuki Yoshino
DeucemKen Takeuchi
Dumas SchuramuxHiroshi Yanaka
GingaDaisuke Sakaguchi
GitoraTakuma Terashima
GraujioAya Endo
HughKappei Yamaguchi
JimuTakashi Kondo
MikiNobuhisa Nakamoto
RebeccaMarina Inoue
Robes RedondoShinichiro Miki
SagiriAya Endo