Name: K One
Country of Origin: China
Type: Collective
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K One is a Taiwanese boy band. K One belongs to the management company, Wingman, managed by former 5566 member, Rio Peng.

Gino - Leader, rapper
Darren - Rapper, vocalist
JR - Vocalist
Li Yang - Vocalist
Kido - Rapper

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Gino (Band Leader and Rapper)- January 30, 1980

Real Name: 蔡尚甫 / Cai Shang Fu
Profession: Dancer, Singer, Actor and Host
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Dancing, Basketball, Violin, Writing, Reading, Drawing, Play games
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Favourite Artistes: David Tao, Eason Chan, eVonne Hsu, Eminem, N'Sync

Darren (Assistant Leader, Rapper, and Vocalist) - March 23, 1982

Real Name: 江峻銳 / Jiang Jun Rui
English Name: Darren Chiang
Profession: Dancer, Singer, Actor, and Host
Birthplace: Taiwan
Blood Type: B
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hobbies: Dancing, Speed-driving, Playing computer games, Basketball, Cooking
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese and English
Favorite Artists: 陶吉吉, NSYNC, 陳奕迅, eVonne Hsu許慧欣, Peggy, 5566

JR (Vocalist) - November 5, 1985

Real Name: 简孝儒 / Jian Xiao Ruo
English Name: JR Chien
Profession: Singer, actor, dancer, and host
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese and English
Hobbies: Dance, Basketball, Take care little animal, Drawing
Favourite Artistes: H.O.T, Shinhwa, Jay Chou, David Tao, N'Sync, Eason Chan

Li Yang (Vocalist) - November 1, 1978

Real Name: 蕭立揚 / Xiao Li Yang
English Name: Neo Hsiao
Profession: Dancer, singer, actor, and composing music
Birthplace: Taiwan
Blood Type: O
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese and Engilish.
Hobbies: Dancing, Music, Sports (ping pong), Novels, Movies, Playing Piano and Guitar,
Favourite Artistes: L.A. Boyz, Alexander Wang Lee Hom

Kido (Rapper) - June 16, 1982
Real Name: 鄭人豪 / Zheng Ren Hao
English Name: Kido Cheng
Profession: Dancer, Singer, Host, and Actor
Birthplace: Taiwan
Blood Type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Hobbies: Dance, Basketball, Computer, Music, Fashion
Language: Mandrain and English
Favourite Artistes: Stanley Huang Li Xing, Zhang Zhen Yue



We r K One (October 17, 2003)

01. We Are K One
02. 孙子爱情兵法
03. 十字星南 Southern Star
04. 朋友的立场
05. 急救讯号
06. Angel
07. 心跳任务
08. 踢馆
09. 出师表(2003 mix)
10. 古老的证明
11. Hey Now

Love Power 勇敢去愛 (May 13, 2005)

01. 勇敢去愛 Love Power
02. 冠軍 Champion
03. 頂尖高手 Top Gun
04. 公主陛下 My Princess
05. 最愛是你 I Love You the Most
06. 繞圈圈 Spinning in Circle
07. 失戀寵物救援行動 Unwanted Pet's Rescue
08. Seasons in the Sun
09. 最美的一刻 The Most Precious Moment
10. First Love

Love Story of Romeo & Juliet (October 26, 2006)

01. 羅密歐&茱麗葉 Romeo & Juliet
02. 發現愛 Discover Love
03. 糖梅仙子之舞(演奏曲)
04. 浪漫舞會
05. 胡思亂想 ft. Ivy Hsu
06. Gossip
07. 啟始(演奏曲)
08. Look into my eyes
09. 不明白 Don't Understand ft. 7朵花 Qiao En
10. 為你再活一天 Live Another Day For You
11. 如果沒有明天 If There Was No Tomorrow

Beautiful Commemoration 美好 紀念日 (October 26, 2007)

01. 紀念日 Anniversary
02. 朋友的立場
03. Angel
04. 討好
05. First Love
06. 背影 Shadow
07. 浪漫舞會
08. 最愛是你 I Love You the Most
09. 公主陛下 My Princess
10. 如果沒有明天 If There Was No Tomorrow