Kadokawa Mystery and Horror Tales
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Kadokawa Mystery and Horror Tales

Kadokawa Mystery and Horror Tales


Meinichi (approx 40 mins)
Directed by Tomoyuki Akashi
"Maybe father was right. Maybe we should not have moved into that house..." When Minako loses her boyfriend in an accident, her sister tries to cheer her up, though sinister forces would have it otherwise.

Cruel Kidnapping (approx 32 mins)
Directed by Tomoyuki Akashi
As Toshio struggles to make ends meet, his daughter is kidnapped and a ransom note arrives. Desperation leads him to a cruel plan designed to procure the money he needs.

Desire to Kill (approx 33 mins)
Directed by Kenji Nakanishi
Alone in her house, Rie comes face-to-face with a murderer. Determined to protect her child, she makes a desperate attempt to convince the man to leave.


Wooden Clogs (approx 37 mins)
Directed by Kenji Nakanishi
The distraught Takagi goes to a temple to reconnect with a relative but instead encounters the exceedingly beautiful Yoshie. Their love is ultimately doomed, as Yoshie has a secret too horrible to mention.

Regeneration (approx 36 mins)
Directed by Takayuki Sato
While undergoing treatment for alcoholism, Professor Ujo meets an intriguing girl. Madly in love, the couple seem destined for happiness, were it not for a dark secret that conspires to keep them apart.

Last Day as a Teenager (approx 28 mins)
Directed by Takayuki Sato
When he was seventeen years old, Tomoya made a grim pact with a girl who claimed to be the god of death. Today, on his 20th birthday, the ominous entity has returned to collect on that desperate promise.


Ghost House (approx 32 mins)
Directed by Toshio Oi
A young couple is irreversibly linked to a gruesome traffic accident and horrible death. Try as they might to escape the past, it won't be long before it catches up to them.

Whisper Tree (approx 33 mins)
Directed by Tomoyuki Akashi
A writer is sent by his boss to investigate a strange tree known to the locals as Whispers. He remains unconvinced that is possesses mystical powers until unthinkable things begin to occur all around him.

World of Infinity (approx 28 mins)
Directed by Hideaki Yoshida
After Takeo loses his job, he wanders aimlessly and meets a woman whose brooding personality lures him into a world of trysts and deceit. Soon the line between reality and evil becomes inextricably blurred.

(c) 2002 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.
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