Kahoko Hino
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Kahoko Hino

Kahoko Hino (日野 香穂子, Hino Kahoko?) is the protagonist of the manga Kiniro no Corda, also known in America as La Corda d'Oro. She is a "normal" 17 year old girl who attends the prestigious Seisou Academy. She is a second-year in the General Education department of Seisou Academy, although the school also has a Music department.

Each year, the school holds a music contest. Although all students can attend the contest, only people from the music department actually get in the competition.

Although Hino has no music skill, she does have the ability to see a small fairy named Lili. This fairy is a Fata, whose duty it is to pusue happiness for all beings through music. People who can see Lili are compatible to Fatas. Therefore, Hino is on the same wavelength as Lili and according to Lili she should have some musical talents. This convinces Lili to enter Hino into the schools music competition.

At first, Hino bickers about going to the music competition since she sees Lili's help and magical violin as "cheating", but she eventually relents and agrees to participate. As the storyline continues, she slowly falls in love with her violin, and of course, music.

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