Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2010
Air Date: Apr 2, 2010 to Sep 23, 2010
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


Nice, Sweet and Funny

I liked this anime very much about a headstrong girl that doesn't really like to show her weak side, a tsundere character,but does have her cute moments. The only problem I really had with this anime was that in the near ending of this anime, her childhood friend pops out of nowhere and confessing his feeling, they never really explained what happened to him. Another thing was when they leave finally the confessing for the last episode and we never know what happens afterwards. But overall, I think this anime was pretty funny and when they had their sweet moments it was SWEER

Hilarious and adorable

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My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Content Rating: 15+

Genre: Romantic Comedy

English Title: The President is a Maid!

So…I’m kind of on an anime kick right now. I used to watch it all the time, and then I would every once in a while maybe watch like, a Sailor Moon episode or something like that, and then recently I started watching Fairy Tail (which is great, btw. I’ll review it when I get farther into it) and I just started researching animes to watch, especially shojo (marketed towards teenage girls). Tons of comments were made about how great Maid-sama was, and so I thought I’d try it out.

I finished the series in two days.

If you’re not a fan of anime, I don’t blame you. Many times, it’s absolutely bizarre, completely foreign (obviously), and has generally negative connotations among the population that doesn’t know much about it. And yes, there is a section of anime that is…ahem…. not suitable for children. But there is so much out there that is great. I grew up watching anime; Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh…these were all regulars on my Saturday Morning cartoons growing up. I used to get Shonen Jump every month, feeding a love for manga as well. So, I’m not new to the anime scene, but I’ve never really watched any anime that wasn’t super popular in America (or shown on American TV). One of my favorite movies ever is Spirited Away, a Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. Anyway, long story short, I’ve always been a fan.

Maid-sama! is so fun because it knows how to laugh at itself. There are some weird/cliché tropes in anime, and while they appear in maid-sama, they frequently get made fun of by the main characters. This in and of itself makes it fun to watch for people less versed in anime because they don’t have to go along with some of the cultural differences so quickly. Now, there are some BIG cultural differences. The main conflict of the entire series begins with the fact that the main character works at what’s called a Maid Café. It’s a cosplay café where the waitresses dress up as maids and call the customers “master” or “milady”. I know what you’re thinking, this is probably supposed to be sexual and perverse, blah blah. It really doesn’t come across that way. The maid outfits aren’t revealing at all and are quite adorable actually. Don’t forget that this is targeted to TEENAGE GIRLS so it’s actually extremely tame in that area (no nudity, no sex, etc) I assume cosplay cafes are a thing in Japan, and when I started thinking about it, we have some here in America as well (mostly at Theme parks, although not to the extent as Maid-sama). Now, there are some “controversial” subjects, such as one of the characters is a cross dresser, but since he pretty much looks exactly like a girl, it’s funnier than it would be in a live show.

There are a lot of girl power messages in Maid-sama, with the main character Misaki knowing aikido and being able to take care of herself. She’s the Student Government President of a mostly boys school (she practically runs the entire school; I think you see an actual teacher like, twice the entire series) and all the boys are terrified of her.

Except for Usui, who doesn’t seem to be phased by anything. The show really centers around their relationship (or lack thereof) and how hard Usui works to get Misaki to fall in love with him. Misaki’s got a rough past with her dad (left when she was young) so she’s very distrustful of men. That’s another thing I liked about this series; even though it’s light and comedic, it took the time every episode to have serious moments, giving it the perfect type of weight to keep me interested in the storyline, not just the funny script (such as this moment, where Usui has broken his arm rescuing Misaki):

Usui is pretty much constantly saving or helping Misaki, even though he knows she can take pretty good care of herself and she yells at him a lot for interfering with her life. Misaki is oblivious to the fact that he loves her for literally the entire series, and keeps calling him a perverted alien (oh anime. you and your insults). She, of course, gets far more comfortable with him as the series goes on since he’s ALWAYS around, no matter where she is. But you start feeling bad for the poor guy; he keeps doing all this stuff for her and she’s like STOP IT YOU PERVERTED ALIEN.

The art is quite pretty, and frequently jumps from the regular, pretty drawn characters to the cartoony comedic ones, like this (which is, of course, common in anime from this genre):

This happens most frequently with the Moron Trio (as they are lovingly dubbed by Misaki) who are very entertaining secondary characters and spend half of the show in chibi-mode:

The whole cast of characters, main and secondary are immensely entertaining, and the romance between Usui and Misaki is absolutely adorable. I highly recommend this series to any fans of romantic anime.

And not to start any kind of debate, but you should ALWAYS watch anime subbed, not dubbed in English. Every sub I’ve watched is 100x better than the dub. Although, there is a little language usually in the dub.

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Great anime; definitely a must-watch.

I loved this! You can watch it on YouTube.

It's a pretty common plot where the guy meets girl, but it's a fresh take on it that I don't feel it's overused or tiring. 5/5
Lots of drama, comedy, and romance. Loved it.

Characters: 5/5 Love the strong female lead, but she knows Aikido, yet still gets caught in situations where she's "in danger". Frustrated me a bit, but it was fine.
Usui (the guy) is extremely overprotective of her, cute, but it was a little "again? how?" feeling whenever he would get himself hurt for her. Cos he literally appears out of nowhere lol
There was a nice backstory for Misaki (the girl), but almost none for Usui. They hinted at it, but no further explanation was given.
The little gaggle of those 3 guys who would visit the maid cafe daily got boring quickly, but it's nice for a little comic relief.

Art: 4/5 seemed pretty standard.

Overall rating: A must-see. Loved the plot, and it was light and romantic, with a little drama. I recommend reading the last couple chapters of the manga after finishing, however. There's a cute little epilogue in the manga that isn't in the anime.

Awesome Series, a Must

Strong female-character, romance, action, sexy male-lead and comedy all rolled in one. This anime will defiantly get you hooked, but if you need more--and I am sure you will-- continue by reading the Manga by FUJIWARA Hiro.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
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absolutely obsessed.

If you're THINKING about watching this series, just stop and WATCH IT NOW.
The girl (Misaki): smart, athletic, independent, and dense--completely unaware that Usui Takumi, the hottest boy with all those same qualities (except the dense part) likes her. I love how he only has eyes for Misaki, when so many girls around him are obsessed with him. I love how Misaki's so hard to get. I love how he's jealous when Misaki is with other guys. I love how he notices all her quirky qualities. The two are so cute together on a whole different level, I want to be in their relationship. I've watched it about 4 times already from start to finish in the past 2 months...hahaha....

There are so many HALARIOUS MOMENTS. And they're often shown in chibi form, which is so kawaii!! you'll fall in love with all the characters, not just misaki and usui.

In short, can I please just marry Usui??? PLEASE?? He's literally so hot in everything he does, it seriously makes you depressed because most likely a real guy like him doesn't exist. I love him so much <3

As of now, I don't think there's a second season, which I still have not gone over grieving.
If you read all of that, I love you. And I love this anime. Watch it, and then we can obsess over it together. Thanks <3

Rock Solid Series!!!

Kaichou was Maid-sama is awesome! Hilarious from start to finish! This is among the few series I bought to own along with Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, and Sword Art Online in the very near future. Take the time and relish in the excitement!

Watch it, its seriously the best

When i first watched Kaichou wa Maid-Sama i literally fell in love with it. Trust me you should watch it if your a true anime lover. Unnfortunetly theres only 1 season with 26 episodes. If you dont watch this its seriously your loss.
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What A Great Watch!!

Gosh this was definitely one of my favorite animes of all time. It made me laugh, cry, and I couldn't help but deeply fall in love with the characters. It was so sweet and I absolutely loved it. So did my older brother who watched it twice lol
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adorable *watch it!*

I think this anime is really good.
In my opinion if Misaki were more of a girly girl, Usui would fall 4 her more, or not care about her...
there is lots of romance and comedy.
Make sure 2 watch it its a really great anime 2 watch when ur bored.
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