Kana Ienaga
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Kana Ienaga

Childhood friend and neighbor of Rikuo. She is hinted to have some affection for him, since she got jealous when she saw Yuki Onna/Tsurara alone together. Rikuo made a promise to help her if she is ever in need. In recent chapters, She has been putting together some of the weird traits and occurrences around Rikuo. She once again meet Rikou in his youkai form in the last chapter after she discovered his glasses on the ground. In the latest chapter, she is being kidnapped by a demon on her 13th birthday. And once again Kana was saved by Rikuo in his youkai form, after she was saved she was taken to a resteruant owned by youkai. In the next morning Kana asked Rikuo if he was friends with his youkai form and blushed when Rikuo asked why. Which implies that Kana has fallen for Rikou's youkai form.

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