Kana Ushiro
宇白 可奈
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Kana Ushiro

Ushiro's little sister; initially the audience is led to believe that she is the only one of the children who does not sign the contract, because Ushiro, who constantly abuses her, does not want her to. When they sign the contract, they are not aware of their inevitable fate and they are told that they would be "testing a game," and Ushiro wanted to prevent her doing something that might be fun. Following Kanji's death, Kana hears the voice calling her and she cries out that she has been called, realizing that she would be the next pilot after Kanji. The truth is that Kana had indeed signed the contract between the first and second battles, before the children discover the consequences of it, and after being selected, she tried to find Jun's real mother for him. Despite being considered too kind to harm others, even at the cost of herself, Coemushi stated that she could stand a chance in the battle as younger the pilot, stronger is the vital energy provided to the robot, thus increasing its capabilities. Kana's chair is the school chair that Jun chooses as his in chapter 4, when the children are first introduced to their seats.

In the anime, it is revealed that Jun and Kana are actually cousins, and Coemushi tries to make her sign the contract too after Misumi's death, but fails. She ends up being the only child to survive in the end.

Kana is featured as a character in Bokurano Alternative.

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