Karin Hanazono
Last Name: Hanazono
First Name: Karin
Suzuka Kujyou
Gender: Female
Hometown: Japan
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: Jul 3, 1993
Blood Type: O
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Type: Person
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Karin Hanazono

In Kamichama Karin, Karin Hanazono is a 13 year old girl who happens to borrow the powers of Athena through her ring given to her by Professor Kazuto Kujyo. She is the clone of Suzuka Kujyou, who is Kazuto's wife, and is deeply in love with Kazuto's clone, Kazune Kujyou. Together with Kazune and Himeka Kujyou, who is Kazuto and Suzuka's daughter, and Michiru Nishikiori, they fight the evil Karasumas in order to protect each other and save both Himekas.

In Kamichama Karin Chu, Karin Hanazono now is a 14 year old girl and is now Kazune's fiancee. She now borrows the power of goddess Aphrodite. She meets his future son with Kazune named Suzune and future Karin and was asked to find the Three Honoured Gods to change the future in order to save Kazune and the others from dying. They meet Jin Kuga. who is deeply in love with Karin. They form a new alliance to stop the undefeated Karasumas.
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