Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
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Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl



Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2006
Air Date: Jan 12, 2006 to Mar 30, 2006
Episodes: 12
Type: Series
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Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

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Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl (かしまし ~ガール・ミーツ・ガール~, Kashimashi ~Gāru Mītsu Gāru~?) is a Japanese romance manga series written by Japanese author Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Yukimaru Katsura centering around the lives of a group of friends and the relationships they share through life-altering changes. Hazumu Osaragi is a normal, albeit effeminate high school boy who is seriously injured when an alien spaceship crash lands on him, only to be restored to health as a girl. A common theme throughout the series is the same-sex relationships that Hazumu finds herself in with two of her best female friends. The original character design is by Sukune Inugami and the school uniform design was created by the company Cospa. The manga was adapted into a twelve-episode anime television series plus a single original video animation sequel by Studio Hibari.

Both the manga and anime versions were licensed for English distribution. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for US distribution and released the five volumes between December 2006 and March 2008. The anime was licensed by Media Blasters, and was released in English between June and October 2007 in three volumes; the final DVD volume also contained the single episode original video animation. The manga has been given positive reviews by the popular anime and manga magazine Newtype USA, and at other online resources as Anime News Network and IGN. The anime has been likened to Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ½, though this only goes as far as the transgender themes in both works.

The title of the series loosely translates as "noisy, boisterous, or clamorous" and is derived from the Japanese phrase, "When three women gather, it is noisy" (女三人寄れば姦しい, Onna sannin yoreba kashimashii?). The subtitle, "Girl Meets Girl", comes from the traditional English phrase "boy meets girl" and is slightly altered to reflect the nature of the relationships that appear in the series. The main title was originally romanized as Kasimasi in accordance with Kunrei-shiki rōmaji, but this was later changed in the English adaptations to Kashimashi in accordance with Hepburn romanization.

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Extended Information

Hazumu is stuck between Yasuna-chan and Tomari-chan but in the end he picks...............

Hazumu Osaragi (lead)Kana Ueda
Tomari Kurusu (lead)Yukari Tamura
Yasuna Kamiizumi (lead)Yui Horie
Asuta SoroDaisuke Ono
Ayuki MariMasumi Asano
Hitoshi SoraKeiji Fujiwara
Jan PuRyoko Shintani
Kahoru OsaragiYuko Nagashima
Namiko TsukiYuko Mizutani
Toru OsaragiMakoto Yasumura