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Voiced in the US release by Steven Jay Blum, and in the Japanese release by Soichiro Hoshi.

Age 16 - Known as The Shell Bullet and reffered to by HOLY as 2nd degree criminal NP3228 in the anime and Kazuma "The Treasoner" in the manga. A Native Alter from the Lost Ground, he was initially classified as a Class "C" Alter User by HOLY, but was risen to Class "A" after defeating Asuka Tachibana. However, when Kazuma and Ryuho violently clash in Episode 13, Tachibana states that their power has to be of Class "S" Alter Users to cause so much devastation. He is regarded as the most dangerous Native Alter in the Lost Ground. Kazuma is mostly a reckless person with little regard for his own safety. He will do anything for the right price, although he does show concern and care for his close friends. He lives with Kanami Yuta (who is also an Alter User) in an abandoned dentist's office. He has a strong rivalry with Ryuho, which is featured prominently in the series. He is the student of HOLY member Straight Cougar, whom Kazuma refers to as his "big brother".

Kazuma's Alter power is Shell Bullet, an alloy fusion type Alter. In its first form, his right arm is covered in a protective metal alloy and three curved fins are created on his right shoulder blade. In this form, the fins disintegrate and propel him forward at great speed. When a fin is disintegrated, Kazuma shouts either "Shocking First Bullet" if it is the first fin, "Annihilating Second Bullet" if it is the second fin or "Exterminating Last Bullet" if it is the third fin.

Later in the series, Kazuma combats the Crystal form and through a broken piece of its body gains access to the second form of his Alter, in which the fins are replaced by a propeller which allows him to fly at great speeds and his armor becomes thicker. In this form, his Alter completely replaces his arm instead of simply covering it, and three fins come out of his face near his right eye. His second form attack is known as "Shell Bullet Burst". As would be expected, this attack is much stronger than his first form attack; it can also be used infinitely, unlike the first form. Also, the Shell Bullet can regenerate and reattach itself to him if cut off.

Near the end of the series, Kazuma gains access to the third form of his Alter. In this form, the metal alloy covers his entire body and Kazuma gains the appearance of a humanoid cross between a samurai and a lion. The propeller is replaced by a tail-like whip, which he uses to propel himself into the air, and is capable of spaceflight. (Please note that on his left shoulder he has a smaller tail-like tentacle and if the series continued, it would've probably extended to the point where he had two of them, which might've increased the propulsion of his leaps and the increasing fury of his punches.) He can also now launch Shell Bullet attacks, which are vastly stronger than those of his second form, with both hands (known as his "Proud Fist"). This attack is sufficiently powerful enough to punch an opponent clear through dimensional barriers. He first appears in Episode 1.

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