Kazuma Yagami
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Kazuma Yagami

Kazuma is a former member of the Kannagi household. He was banished from the family by his father after being defeated by Ayano during the successor ceremony for Enraiha, his family's sacred sword, due to his inability to use En-Jutsu. Four years later, at the age of twenty two, he returns to Japan as a skilled master of Fū-Jutsu.
As a Fū-Jutsushi, Kazuma's powers are extensive. Apart from being able to fly even while holding three people, Kazuma can launch blasts of wind that act as blades, and manipulate wind spirits to create a barrier, protecting his body from physical harm or reflecting light in order to camouflage himself. It has also become apparent that he possibly has the ability to manipulate electricity, given that high speed wind friction creates static electricity and that Kazuma was shown generating it when he was utilizing his black wind...

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