Kazune Kujou
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Kazune Kujou

Kazune Kujou (九条 和音, CV: Miyuki Sawashiro)

Age: 13 (14 in Chu)
Birthday: February 1
Blood type: A
Star sign: Aquarius
Appearance: Short, blonde hair (Later in episode 19 he dyes his hair black for the play)and blue eyes. His name literally means “peaceful sound.”

The main male protagonist. Kazune is the clone of Himeka's dead father Kazuto Kujyou. He is the sun god (Apollo), and is extremely powerful. Though Himeka loves bugs, Kazune hates them, partly due to his fear of them. He is a very straight forward person. He is in love with Karin as she is his wife from the future. He has a strange habit of being drunk after just smelling sake. Chapters where this habit occurs have shown Kazune hugging and even kissing Karin.

Kazune can act very feminine as shown when he decided to follow Himeka and Karin when they went on a "girls day out". While on the shopping trip, Karin and Himeka manipulated him to carry their bags. At a cafe, Kazune was going to order ice-cream but decided not to as Karin and Himeka said that they were going to pick it as it would make any girl happy. At the end all three of them go to the movies, Himeka and Karin choosing a very sad, yet stupid love movie which left Kazune in tears.

His ring has the power of the god Apollo. But in Chu, he has the power of Uranus. Unlike Karin, his body is incomplete, which explains the reason he collapses after transforming and using too much power.
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