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Ki Bum Kim
Last Name: Kim
First Name: Ki Bum
Gender: Male
Birthday: Aug 21, 1987
Member of:
Super Junior: Vocalist
Type: Person
Page Views: 13403
Fans: 513
Forum Posts: 0
Wall Posts: 15
Photos Uploaded: 40

Ki Bum Kim



Oppa, all i can say to you in one word is: BRILLIANT! I really like the way you dance and rap! My heart melts, beats, pumps, and blush when everytime i really see you perform in a concert stage! I am so really amazed by all of your performances! Well just keep up the good work! You are really THE BEST!

No KiBum.. No SuJu .. :))

..on the actual promotions of their 3rd album.. sorry, sorry .. we noticed KiBum was missing in action ..
many people are wondering if KiBum left the group but actually,, he did not.. he just had is acting career and actually the trailer is already out .. the movie is Jumunjin where he played a role of a ghost .. (i don't actually know a lot about the movie)
i wish to see him perform onstage again with all the SuJu members .. No SuJu because Kibum is a part of SuJu and it would not be complete without him .. miss you KiBum! :))