Killua Zoldyck
Last Name: Zoldyck
First Name: Kirua
Killua Zaoldyeck (キルア=ゾルディック
Kirua Zorudikku)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kukuru mountain (République de Padokia)
Birthday: July 07
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Kirua Zoldyck

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This kid is awesome.

He is a bad ass to the extreme. You don't mess with this this kid. He is a master of some sweet assassination techniques which he shows off in a couple episodes. Him and Gon make a good pair, I wouldn't mess with them.
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He's awesome-sauce! :)

KIllua, what can I say about him? He started off as a happy-go-lucky person, kinda like Gon, but as the episodes went on, the story tells of how messed up Killua's life and family are. His ability to carry on even though his whole life was made up of so much pain makes him strong.
People like him because he's super badass and OP (Which he is), but he became my favorite character because of his character development. As the episodes went on, we slowly see Killua change from being the kill-everyone-that-pisses-me-off, to a gentler, kinder soul.
Also, his loyalty to Gon is amazing. At first, Killua didn't have friends. He just killed when told, yet he changed and became a person that would protect his friends instead of just protecting himself.

Overall, I think that Killua has amazing character development. He went through so much, yet can still stay by Gon's side. I love him for that.