Kim Hyo Yeon
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Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Member of:
Girls Generation: Lead Dancer
Type: Person
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Kim Hyo Yeon


Hyoyeon was featured in one of BoA's live concerts as a silhoutte dancer way back in 2005. She attended a hip-hop dance school that specialized in waving, popping, and locking. In 2004, along with labelmate Siwon, she traveled to Beijing, China to learn more about Chinese for four months.

Source: Wikipedia

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Extended Information

Education: China Beijing Language Courses (중국북경어학연수)
Hobbies: Dancing
Specialty: Chinese and Dance
Languages: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese), and English
Kpop group: Girls' Generation


Girls' Generation (Hangul: 소녀시대; Hanja: 少女時代) is a South Korean nine-member girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. Its members include (in order of official announcement) Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (the leader) , Jessica, and Sunny. International Girls' Generation fans usually refer to the group as SNSD, the acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae. Many of the members had already pursued entertainment careers before the group's debut through music videos, commercials, and others. Their official fanclub is known as "S♡NE" (Sowon, Korean: 소원), named after a song from their debut single.

The group has sold over 100,000 copies of both their first album Girls' Generation and their mini-album Gee, a rarity for female groups in South Korea.

Source: Wikipedia