King and the Clown
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Alternative Names:

The King and the Clown

The King's Man


왕의 남자



Король и шут

Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Year Produced: 2005
Air Date: Started Dec 29, 2005
Episodes: 3
Type: Series
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King and the Clown

Title: The King and the Clown, The King's Man
Romaji: Wang-ui-namja
Hangul: 왕의 남자
Director: Lee Jun Ik
Writer: Choi Suk Hwan
Producer: Jeong Jin Wan
Original Screenwriter: Kim Tae Woong
Cinematography: Ji Gil Woong
Music: Lee Byong Woo
Release Date: December 29, 2005
Genre: Drama, History, Thriller
Studio: Eagle Pictures
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean


In the years of the infamous King Yeon San, two clowns start a play that is satirical of the king and become popular among the common people. But soon they get arrested for treason, and they bet their lives on making the king laugh with their play acting. Their fortunate success leads them to stay in the palace and perform regular plays. As the king shows growing attraction and love towards one of the clowns, they realize that they are into irreversible stages of their lives, entwined with desire, power and thick blood.


The "King and the Clown" (Wang-ui Namja) is adapted from the 2000 highly acclaimed Korean play titled "Yi" ("You") about Yeonsan-gun, a Joseon dynasty king who falls in love with a court clown who mocks him. The play is based on a small passage from the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty that briefly mentions the king's favorite clown. Instead of focusing on the love between the clown and the king, the movie craftfully blends in many other subtexts (life, love, politics, fate, etc) making it a much subtle and deeper film. Yet, it is highly entertaining at the same time.

It was the highest grossing (over US$85,000,000 in domestic receipts) Korean film in history with 12.3 million viewers, surpassing the total admissions of Silmido and Taegukgi until the horror film The Host surpassed its record in September of 2006. For a Korean film, it has a relatively modest production cost of only approximately US$4.5 million dollars. It seemed unexpected that the film gained so much success, what with its focus of traditional arts and homosexual underlings, especially without the attraction of high profile celebrities.

Despite the movie's huge popularity in South Korea, it was first banned from screening in China. It premiered in Shanghai on October 28, 2006 and Chinese DVD version is distributed.

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Extended Information


South Korea: December 29, 2005
Taiwan: May 12, 2006 (Theatre Release)
Singapore: June 22, 2006 (Theatre Release)
Canada: September 07, 2006 (Vancouver/Toronto Film Festival)
Japan: October 21, 2006 (Tokyo Film Festival) / December 09, 2006 (Theatre Release)
Shanghai, China: October 28, 2006
United Kingdom: October 29, 2006 (London Film Festival)
South Africa: November 14, 2006 (Cape Town Film Festival)
New Zealand: December 01, 2006 (Film Festival)
USA: January 03, 2007 (Los Angeles) [5]
Italy: March 30, 2007 (Florence Film Festival)
France: April 01, 2007 (Deauville Film Festival) - Expected Theatre Release in September 2007


43rd Daejong Film Festival
- Best Film - The King and the Clown
- Best Director - Lee Jun Ik
- Best Script/Scenario - Choi Seok Hwan
- Best Cinematography - Ji Gil Woong
- Best Leading Actor - Gam Woo Seong
- Best New Actor - Lee Jun Ki
- Best Supporting Actor - Yoo Hae Jin
- Most Popular Actor - Lee Jun Ki
- Most Popular Actress - Kang Seong Yeon
- Most Popular Actor Overseas - Lee Jun Ki

42nd Baeksang Film Festival Arts Awards 2006
- Best New Actor - Lee Jun Ki
- Judge's Special Film Awards - The King and the Clown

14th Chunsa Film Festival 2006
- Best Leading Actor - Gam Woo Seong
- Best Supporting Actor - Jang Hang Seon

Korea Film Awards 2006
- Best New Actor - Lee Jun Ki

27th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2006
- Best Music - Lee Byong Woo
- Most Popular Stars - Lee Jun Ki & Kang Sung Yeon
- Best On-Screen Performing Couple Award - Gam Woo Seong & Lee Jun Ki

Cape Town World Cinema Festival (CTWCF) 2006
- Best Feature Film Award- The King and the Clown
- Best Screenplay- Choi Suk Hwan & Kim Tae Woong

9th Festival Du Film Asiatique De Deauville (France) 2007
- Lotus Du Jury (Grand Prix Jury Prize) - The King and the Clown

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Gong Gil (lead)Lee Jun Ki
Jang Noksu (lead)Kang Seong Yeon
Gam Woo Seong
King Yeonsan (lead)Jeong Jin Yeong