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Kingdom Hearts

Created by usajr
If Kingdom Hearts 3 is announced, what system best fits??!!
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20 / F
Posted 11/21/11  Reply  Quote
definitely ps3! but isnt the new kh dream drop distance the kh3? it takes place after kh2 and its already been decided to be on the 3ds...
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26 / F / United States
Posted 11/23/11  Reply  Quote
PS3 definitely....or 3ds
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29 / F / Canada
Posted 12/1/11  Reply  Quote
I hope it would be on 360 as well as PS3. I only have a 360.
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22 / M / Sweden
Posted 1/15/12, Edited 1/15/12  Reply  Quote
Obviously for the Playstation systems, PS3 right now.

It's always been like that and should be.
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22 / M / FL
Posted 2/5/12  Reply  Quote
They might put on both the PS3 and XBOX360 due to the fact that they will want to make the most money posible.
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23 / F / MV
Posted 2/23/12  Reply  Quote
PS3 hands down, KH has always been on the sony product for it's main, main games. Being on Xbox would not make it look offense, Just saying certain graphics on the xbox are trash! And anyway most of Nomura-san's products will mainly be on PS3, so I've heard excluding the 3ds and psps.. One of the reasons why I got a ps3 in the first place
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Posted 4/12/12  Reply  Quote
I'd say PS3 as well. The PS2 is out because that technology is too dated; it'll be a console game, too. S0 no PSP or DS. I don't own an Xbox, but it would be nice if they tried the multi-platform thing for once just to be considerate of those who don't want to go out and buy a PS3 to get one game.
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22 / F / Maryland
Posted 4/15/12  Reply  Quote
thats ture its real going go to the playstation but won't it be something thet decde to put it on the WIIU or the new psp vita or something like that ?
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27 / M
Posted 8/9/12  Reply  Quote
Playstation 3 and thats coming from a guy who doesnt own one and owns a 360.
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26 / F / ABC
Posted 8/13/12  Reply  Quote
Kingdom Hearts 3 were announced it would be so sweet for it to be exclusive ps3, but with then timing and everything im thinking that it'll hit for the ps 4 man. God i hope i'm wrong before that ever happens. but i dooubt it. either way ill buy a ps4 just in case. Hope they have a ps vita version for it too. then its a win-win.
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20 / M
Posted 9/13/12  Reply  Quote
If kh3 came out for playstation 3 then I would buy a ps3 only to play kh3 lol but if it came out for ps4 I would be sad because i can't afford that gleaming piece of eye candy lol, all jokes aside I really REALLY hope that they don't make it for ps4 otherwise I'm just gonna either watch on youtube or emulate it if it ends up on vita too, which btw i haven't seen a speck of kh 3d on youtube yet I have been holding back the urge with sheer willpower because I want to experience kh 3d not watch someone else experience it.
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Posted 9/21/12  Reply  Quote
Kingdom Hearts 3 will definitely be released on Playstation 3, the only way that it will not be released on Playstation 3 is if the Playstation 4 is the latest Sony gaming console.
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28 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 9/23/12  Reply  Quote
Would be for PS 3 definitely though would love to see it on X-Box as well
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24 / M / In a small town i...
Posted 10/7/12  Reply  Quote
PS3 for sure
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26 / M / Bronx, New York
Posted 10/29/12  Reply  Quote
Multi~Platform for sure.
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