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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts Timeline
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Posted 5/30/13  Reply  Quote
Afternoon all. an hour long, complete timeline for kingdom hearts.

First it goes through the games in release order, then tell the story in order of events, split into segments focusing on specific characters or themes.

Quite honestly, its awesome.
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Posted 6/2/13  Reply  Quote
yea it was a pretty damn well made video. just like their zelda timeline video
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Posted 7/4/13  Reply  Quote
This is the only series that actually makes handheld versions that are vital to the storyline and are actually just as fun as the console version's. The storyline is so in depth that you just have to sit back in awe of how they put all this together. Now if only KH3 would hurry and get here.
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Posted 8/22/14  Reply  Quote
The Timeline is really long and that's what is good about KH because you get to see it develop and where it got to today. You can see the journeys Sora and Riku went through with there friends
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Posted 12/13/14  Reply  Quote
it was a nicely made video, i showed it to someone that had not even heard of kindom hearts and its awsome story. and it just made them want to play though it themselves
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