Kitagawa Keiko
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Kitagawa Keiko

Keiko Kitagawa (北川 景子 ,Kitagawa Keiko?, born August 22, 1986) is a Japanese actress and former model. She was an exclusive model for the Japanese Seventeen magazine from late 2003 to mid 2006, and left modeling when she left the magazine. Her first acting role was Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon live action show Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003-4), and after her role in the film Mamiya Kyōdai, she left modeling to concentrate on acting. She has appeared in several films, including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) and Dear Friends (2007), and has played leading roles in the TV Dramas Mop Girl (2007) and Homeroom on the Beachside (2008).

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Extended Information

Education: Meiji University (Major in Commercial Science, March 2009 graduate).
Hobbies: Studying, reading, swimming, calligraphy, and badminton
She won the Miss Seventeen 2003 title and became a model in the Japanese Seventeen magazine from 2003-2006.


TV Shows
Tsuki no Koibito (Fuji TV, 2010)
Hitsudan Hostess as Saito Rie (TBS, 2010)
Buzzer Beat as Shirakawa Riko (Fuji TV, 2009)
Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu as Enokido Wakaba (Fuji TV, 2008)
Mop Girl as Hasegawa Momoko (TV Asahi, 2007)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as Hino Rei/Sailor Mars (TBS, 2003-2005)

Matataki / Blink as Izumi (2010)
Shikeidai no Elevator / Elevator To The Gallows (2010)
Hana no Ato / After The Flowers as Ito (2010)
Watashi Dasuwa / It's On Me (2009)
Manatsu no Orion / Orion in Midsummer as Shizuko/Izumi (2009)
Handsome Suit as Hoshino Hiroko (2008)
Southbound as Uehara Youko (2007)
Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku / Say Hello For Me as Katsuraki Momoko(2007)
Heat Island as Nao (2007)
Dear Friends as Rina (2007)
Cherry Pie as Kiyohara (2006)
The Fast and The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift as Reiko (2006)
Mamiya Kyoudai as Honma Yumi (2006)
Mizu ni Sumu Hana/Romance of Darkness as Mizuchi Rikka (2006)
Kirari Super Live as Hino Rei/Sailor Mars (2004)

13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Summer 2009): Best Actress for Buzzer Beat
55th Television Drama Academy Awards: Special Award for Mop Girl