Kitchen Princess
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Kitchen Princess (チッキンのお姫さま

Kitchen no Ohime-sama)

Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Series
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Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess (キッチンのお姫さま, Kitchin no Ohime-sama?) is a shōjo manga series written by Miyuki Kobayashi and drawn by Natsumi Ando. It won the Kodansha Manga Award for children's manga in 2006. Kitchen Princess is published by Kodansha in Japan and by Del Rey Manga in the USA.

As the main character is a chef, the recipes for anything that she cooks are included in the back of the manga volumes as an omake ("bonus" or "extra").

Source: Wikipedia

The story follows Najika Kazami, an orphan and an excellent chef from Hokkaidō, and her arrival at Seika Academy, an escalator school. Not only does she plan to become a great chef like her deceased parents, but she also sets out to find her "Flan Prince", a boy that saved her from falling into a river and gave her a cup of flan with a silver spoon with the school's emblem on it. She promised him she would make the most delicious dessert in the world. However, as soon as she is placed into Class A, the special class, she has to deal with the constant insults of Akane Kishida and her group. Things become better, however, when she befriends Sora and Daichi Kitazawa, the school's most popular brothers, and possible candidates for the status of her "Flan Prince".
Najika Kazami (lead)Candy
Sora Kitazawa (lead)
Seiya Mizuno