Koboshi Uematsu
Pita Ten
By Rie Kugimiya
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Koboshi Uematsu

Koboshi Uematsu (植松 小星, Uematsu Koboshi?)
This semi-sweet loudmouth has the hots for Kotarou and can't stand the fact that Misha is homing in on her territory. Koboshi is depicted as a very assertive character. She loves Kotarou greatly but is too embarrassed to confess her feelings to him. She enjoyed having a normal, routinely basis of her every day life; from meeting Kotarou in the morning to talking to him during the day, until Misha showed up. She is liable to get angry and be very overprotective, causing her to be constantly irritated by Misha's childish antics and attachment to "her Kotarou-chan". In volume * of the manga, Koboshi reveals her feelings to Kotarou, who is shocked and freaked out. She is rejected and goes into depression, but she soon finds her way and starts becoming more confident in herself and around Kotarou. Has blonde hair with cat-ear hair ornaments.
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