Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King
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Kodai Ōja Kyōryū King D-Kids Adventure

Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Air Date: Feb 4, 2007 to Jan 27, 2008
Episodes: 49
Type: Series
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Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King

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Card Game/DS Game

Dr. Taylor was on a paleontology mission in Africa with his son Max and Max's friend, Rex. Max discovers magical stone slabs and finds dinosaurs are calling them for help. An evil organization called the "Alpha Gang", led by the nefarious Dr. Z, traveled back in time to hunt down the dinosaurs and use them to take over the world. It is up to Max, Zoe and Rex to travel around the world, defeating Dr. Z and the Alpha Gang while hunting down the dinosaurs.


Max Taylor is the son of paleontologist Dr. Spike Taylor. After falling out of bed early one morning and witnessing a meteor fall from the sky, Max sets out with Rex and Zoe Drake into a forest where the meteor had crashed. They find a lightning, wind and grass stone. Chomp is accidentally activated when Max rubs the card on the stone. The D-Team meet their new enemies in the Alpha Gang when they come to catch it. The result was that the D-Team and Alpha Gang often clashed for possession of dinosaurs that are activated. In the finale, the Alpha Gang's Seth turns on his comrades with his Black Tyrannosaurus, which is ultimately defeated thanks to Rex's true parents. Seth attempts to bring Chomp back to the past, which fails, and Seth is sent into the past alone. The D-Team surrender their dinosaurs to Rex's parents, with many tears.

In the second season, the Alpha Gang and the Ancients return. While the parents are talking, they are kidnapped by Gunenco (Gavro in U.S.A.), a member of the Zanjark Space Aliens. This causes the Alpha Gang and D-Team to join forces against the Zanjark Space Aliens in their plot to obtain the Cosmos Stones. Seth later returns as an ally to the Zanjark space aliens. Jark, the leader of the Zanjark, provides the dinosaur cards. However in episode 75, Seth seems to become a traitor to Zanjark as he appeals to the D-Team for help, saying that they forced him to help them. However, it was really a trick to get the two Cosmos Stones in D-Team's control, despite the fact that he attacks and defeats the Zanjark two episodes later. In the end, although the Zanjark manage to catch all 7 Cosmos Stones, Seth and the Pterosaur defeat the Black Pterosaur. Rex, his parents, and the Alpha Gang leave as the Zanjark are floating around in a pod.



The protagonists of the series who are very knowledgeable about dinosaurs. They prevent the Alpha Gang from succeeding in their goal by saving the dinosaurs they can find. Among its members are:

Maximus "Max" Taylor Japanese Name: Ryuta Kodai (古代リュウタ, Kodai Ryūta?)[2]
Voiced by: Megumi Matsumoto (Japanese), Veronica Taylor (English)
The son of a paleontologist, Dr. Taylor, he is the unofficial leader of D-Team. He mostly is seen wearing a visor that has Triceratops horns which double as flashlights. He is very brash, impulsive and doesn't generally think his actions through. He deeply cares for dinosaurs and hates how the Alpha Gang abuses them. His partner is a Triceratops called Chomp, which he named because it tended to bite him when they first met.

Rex Owen (Rex Ancient) Japanese Name: Rex Owen (レックス・オーエン, Rekkusu Owen )
Voiced by: Matsuri Mizuguchi (Japanese), Sebastian Arcelus (English)
Max's best friend. Rex was found as an infant by paleontologist Dr. Owen, in an egg-like container within a dinosaur exhibit in New York. Rex is now 12 and has been left with Max and his family (Dr. Owen being a family friend) while his father goes searching for fossils. It is revealed in one episode that Rex was left at Max's house because his father wanted him to be near a real family. Rex's partner is a Carnotaurus he named Ace. Rex is a good-hearted boy and is relatively quiet, but also quite short-tempered from the beginning. At the end of the first season, it is revealed that his real parents are Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia and Rex reunites with them. In the finale, Rex, the Alpha Gang, Seth and the Ancients go to the future.

Zoe Drake Japanese Name: Malm Tatsuno (竜野マルム, Tatsuno Marumu)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kobashi (Japanese), Kether Donahue (English)
The younger sister of Dr. Reece Drake. Her sunglasses double as a camera. She knows when to keep focused and cares deeply for her friends. She sometimes shows to be excessively fan of some stars. Her parents are both veterinarians and own an animal hospital. In the dub of episode "Vaccination Vacation," the Drake's home as well as the family was transported onto Zeta Point once. Her partner is a Parasaurolophus named Paris.Zoe tried to kiss Max in Chapter 58 and kissed Rex in Chapter 77.

Dr. Spike Taylor Japanese Name: Dr. Kenryu Kodai (古代剣竜博士, Kodai Kenryū-hakase (Ancient Stegosaur Doctor)
Voiced by: David Wills
Max's father and a paleontologist. Like Max, Spike is obsessed with Dinosaurs and runs the D-Lab. He often wields a whip that often gets caught on things, which are generally things he isn't aiming for. Dr. Taylor can also be over-reactive when a dinosaur appears. He also saves the D-Team when the are cornered by the Alpha Gang, and catches the new cards.His name is a pun on "Spike Tail"(AKA:Stegosaurs). He also recaptures the Dino-holders from Seth. In the second season, he, Aki, the Ancients, and the Drakes get captured by Zanjark.

Dr. Reece Drake Japanese Name: Riasu Tatsuno (竜野リアス, Tatsuno Riasu?)
Voiced by: Rachael Lillis
Zoe's older sister, Dr. Spike Taylor's assistant, and a certified pilot. She maintains a calm personality at all times and has a rather monotonic voice, even when angry or embarrassed. She stays at the D-Lab in the second season with Rod and Laura, and is taken hostage by Seth and his Cryolophosaurus later on. Zander has feelings for her, which she may or may not return. She has poor eyesight without her glasses.

Alpha Gang:

The (inept) antagonists of the first season who abduct any dinosaur cards they find using their own dinosaurs as their muscle. They conduct experiments on the dinosaur cards they find. Their headquarters is the mobile island called Zeta Point (which was later revealed to be a disguised timeship). They later renounce their evil ways in the finale of the first season when Seth turns on them and later help the D-Team in their fight with Zanjark. Among its members are:

Dr. Z Dr. Sonoida (Dr.ソーノイダ, Dokutā Sōnoida)
Voiced by: Tetsuo Goto (Japanese), Eric Stuart (English)
The zany, egotistic, and very stupid evil leader of the Alpha Gang. Plans to use the dinosaur cards in his plans to rule the world. He also seems to know the history of these cards, though he was not the creator as the method was created by Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia. He did invent the Move Cards with Dr. Ancient had been dissatisfied with. When Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia wanted to return to their time to raise a baby Rex, he and Seth jettisoned their pods into the timestream and tried to do the same for baby Rex only for the intervention of Jonathan to prevent that. This accident caused the Alpha Gang to end up in the present day and the dinosaur cards were scattered throughout the Earth. He often sends Ursula, Zander and Ed to obtain dinosaur cards (which were scattered when his time machine exploded) for him while he stays in his lab on Zeta Point researching and experimenting with the dinosaur cards that he already has, unless it is a certain occasion. When his flunkies fail, he always berates them for their incompetence. He sometimes attempts to aid with some of his inventions, but as a running gag his inventions often explode. When he had a bad back from holding up Alpha Metal, he liked Seth's idea of having his grandchildren obtaining the Dinosaur Cards. In the battle against Zanjark, Dr. Z invented the Dino-Tectors so that the dinosaurs of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang can armor up.

Ursula Japanese Name: Usarapa (ウサラパ, Usarapa)
Voiced by: Misa Watanabe (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English)
A member of the Alpha Gang. She works with Zander and Ed to obtain dinosaur cards for Dr. Z. She is often very conceited, acting like a queen in front of her two cohorts and possessing an elevated, almost delusional, opinion of her beauty. Whenever failure occurs with the three, Ursula thinks that it is not her own fault (even when it is), but blames the other two who keep bringing her down. A running gag is that she is often called an "old lady" (usually by Zoe), which drives her crazy, and she always knows when somebody calls her that no matter how far away they are. Dr. Owen later develops a crush on her which she doesn't return.

Zander Japanese Name: Noratty (ノラッティ~, Norattī)
Voiced by: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese), Darren Dunstan (English)
A member of the Alpha Gang. He works with Ursula and Ed to obtain dinosaur cards for Dr. Z. He is usually the one who comes up with a plan that always goes horribly wrong. He is also the person who buys the Alpha Gang's vehicles, and has to deal with the consequences when they are destroyed or lost. He tries to act smart and sophisticated, but is nervous, awkward, and cowardly most of the time. In episode 30, he develops a crush on Reece.

Ed Japanese Name: Edo (エド, Edo)
Voiced by: Junichi Endo (Japanese), David Wills (English)
A member of the Alpha Gang. He works with Ursula and Zander to obtain dinosaur cards for Dr. Z. Despite his cowardly behaviour, he follows the other two anywhere even if they end up in a dangerous predicament. Ed likes cute girls and enjoys eating bananas, though he is something of a glutton and is very fond of eating in general. He is the funny one on the team and is rather stupid.

Rod Japanese Name: Roto (ロト, Roto?)[2] and Laura Japanese Name: Loa (ロア, Roa?)[2]
Rod Voiced by: Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese), Zoey Martin (English)
Laura Voiced by: Asuka Tanii (Japanese), Rachael Lillis (English)

Dr. Z's grandchildren. Rod is gifted with science and often helps his grandfather with his inventions. Laura is a genius with numbers and makes money playing in the stock market to fund the Alpha Gang's activities. Despite the pair being considerably more intelligent than Ursula, Zander and Ed, they generally just stay at the base and rarely come up with any plans. Seth later appoints them to obtain the dinosaurs for him when both of them feel homesick. Around the time when Seth turns against Dr. Z, Laura and Rod find out about what Dr. Z and Seth did with Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia during the trip back to their own time. In the second season, they stay with Reece while the rest of the gang travel through time, although later on they rejoin the gang when a plant invasion occurs.

Seth Japanese Name: Nopis (ノーピス, Nōpisu)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)
Seth was actually a mystical human with knowledge about the dinosaurs and the cards as he was the former assistant of Dr. Ancient. When Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia wanted to return to their time to raise Rex, he and Dr. Z intervened and jettison their pods into the timestream. Being the most intelligent member of the Alpha Gang, Seth is often annoyed by the antics of Ursula, Zander, and Ed, with whom he denies association. He is often seen assisting some of the Alpha Droids in repairing Dr. Z's time machine and even giving him a status report. At the time when Dr. Z was recuperating from a bad back, Seth had Laura and Rod obtain the dinosaur cards for his own agenda. When Jonathan manages to expose his plot, Seth finally turns on his comrades by using the Fire Scorcher move on Saurophaganax causing the D-Team and the Alpha Gang to retreat. He then caused the Alpha Gang to retreat as he turns a complete Tyrannosaurus fossil into the Black Tyrannosaurus. After Black Tyrannosaurus was defeated by the combined powers of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang, Seth vainly attempted to take Chomp with him to the past, trapped in time as a result only to be rescued by Zanjark and ally with them under the alias of The Fourth Man (第四の男?). Seth later sets up a trick to sneak into the D-Team's time ship and get the Cosmos Stones. He eventually attacks Zanjark with his Cryolophosaurus after this. After a battle with the D-Team, he manages to get the Cosmos Stones before Zanjark reclaims them and form a Black Pterosaur. Seth ended up unconscious after ramming the timeship into the Black Pterosaur. His near-comatose body taken back to the future with Rex and the Alpha Gang.

Voiced by: Madeleine Blaustein (series one), Mike Pollock (series two)
She serves as a strict and very short-tempered housekeeper of the Alpha Gang. Sometimes she seems too large and too strong to be a human. It is later revealed that she is actually a robot created by Dr. Z when the D-Team encounter her again in Cambodia and even protects Laura and Rod from the Stegosaurus. When in Chinatown to reclaim Laura and Rod, Seth ends up deactivating her causing Zeta Point to end up a mess without her. She was retrieved when her body ended up in Hollywood, but with bad programming. When Seth turns on the Alpha Gang, Helga holds off the Saurophaganax enough for Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, Ed, and Rod to escape.

Alpha Droids
Voiced by: Darren Dunstan
Obedient robots that work for the Alpha Gang, which are so poorly programmed that they fail at everything they do. They make more appearances in the original series, but are seen occasionally in the Pterosaur Legends (especially during the Caribbean and at the finale).

Spectral Space Pirates:

The Spectral Space Pirates Japanese Name: Space Pirates Zanjark (宇宙海賊ザンジャーク, Uchū Kaizoku Zanjāku) are the antagonists of the second season, a group composed by the strange winged-aliens who use dinosaur cards that have somehow obtained to aid in their search for the arcane "Cosmos Stones," using a mind-control device to control the dinosaurs. Each one has their own Dino-Card Activator. Its members, including Seth (see Alpha Gang) are:

Spectre Japanese Name: Jark (ジャーク, Jāku): The leader of the space pirates, he uses dinosaurs to collect the Cosmos Stone. He's the one who supplies his henchmen with the dinosaur cards, Move Cards, and DinoTector cards. Spectre is often seen with a smaller Bronto in his arm.

Gavro Japanese Name: Gunenco (グーネンコ, Gūnenko)
Voiced by: David Wills
A powerful giant berserker. His Dino-Card Activator is on his chest armor. His altered dinosaur was Gigas the Tyrannosaurus.

Foolscap Japanese Name: Zapper (ザッパー, Zappā)
Voiced by: David Wills
He has the slender body and ponders agility. His Dino-Card Activator is on his headband. His altered dinosaur was Armatus the Stegosaurus.

Sheer Japanese Name: Mihasa (ミハサ, Mihasa): She has a beautiful semblance but a ruthless heart. Her Dino-Card Activator is on her necklace. During the Ancient Japan arc, she had Amnesia and joined the kunoichi. Her altered dinosaur was Maximus the Triceratops.
Gel Jarks: Obedient robots that work for the Zanjark. They can easily transform, but they dissolve upon contact with salt. Helga was the first to discover their weakness. As of the finale, only one Gel Jark remains and is taking care of the unconscious Seth.

Supporting characters:

Aki Taylor Japanese Name: Aki Kodai (古代亜紀, Kodai Aki)
Voiced by: Veronica Taylor
Max's mother and Dr. Taylor's wife. A sketchbook artist and housewife. Not much is known about Max's mother except that she believes (or pretends to believe) that the dinosaurs are dogs, since Dr. Taylor opted to keep his wife in the dark about the truth for the time being. However, during the second season, she finds out what the dinosaurs really are. Her appearances are generally brief.

Dr. Owen
Voiced by: Sean Schemmel
Dr. Taylor's colleague and Rex's adoptive father. He discovers Rex as a baby in The American Museum of Natural History and adopts him. He sends Rex to live with the Taylor family to give him a more "normal" family environment, and meanwhile seeks a woman to marry so that he can give his adoptive son a mother. He develops a crush on Ursula. In the second season, he also stays in the present with Reece, Laura, and Rod. At the end of Pterosaur Legends, he once again asks Ursula to marry him, but she replies with a "no."

Voiced by: Eric Stuart
He is Dr. Owen's assistant and appears since episode 30. He often travels with Dr. Owen wherever he goes, and has experience in lassoing.

Jonathan (Jurasson)
Voiced by: Dan Green
A mysterious old man with conspicuous beard. He appears all over the world, in various guises (including a pilot, a street merchant, a Balinese tour guide, a famous chef, and a train conductor) usually right where dinosaurs are found. He is eventually revealed to be a robot who can change his appearance when it came to his conductor duty. He had data that had Dr. Ancient's data which ended up extracted by Seth. He manages to save the D-Team from a deflected attack from Terry during his fight with the Ampelosaurus. The D-Team had his body shipped to the D-Lab and Reece was able to reactivate him. He makes his way to Zeta Point and by the time the D-Team arrived with Rod, Jonathan managed to expose Seth's plot. Following Seth's Saurophaganax defeating the dinosaurs of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang, Jonathan managed to rescue Rex. He revealed himself to be Dr. Ancient's butler who was charged with protecting Rex and even brought up the history of what the Alpha Gang did. He reappears in the second season as the pilot of the Time Ship.

Mr. and Mrs. Drake
Mr. Drake Voiced by: Madeline Blaustein (series one), Mike Pollock (series two)
They are Zoe's parents and they run a veterinarian clinic. They, along with Mr. and Mrs. Ancient and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, are abducted by the Zanjark in the second season.

Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia
Dr. Cretacia Voiced by: Veronica Taylor

They are scientists who are Rex's real parents. They were the ones who have discovered a way to turn dinosaurs into cards. When Dr. Cretacia became pregnant, they wanted to return. However, Dr. Z and Seth had other plans. They ended up jettisoning their pods into the timestream and tried to do the same to baby Rex. In the second season, they alongside the Taylors and the Drakes were captured by Zanjark so that the Ancients can help them with their experiment.

Minor characters

Tommy K
Voiced by: Marc Thompson
The host of the Gobble Gobble Brain Bobble quiz show that Zoe had a crush on, At the end of that episode, she called him a "total loser" because he gave the prize money to the Alpha Gang.
Nathan Peckham
Nathan Peckham is a parody of footballer David Beckham, Zoe and Reese both Have a Crush on Him.

Amy (Umi)
A girl from the same school as the D-Team kids. Her class goes on a field trip to Limestone Cave. She is very timid, though very fond of reptiles. Amy has never had any friends until she met the Euoplocephalus. Later she finds a lizard and keeps it as a pet, naming it Euoploc (Hannah the 3rd in the English Dub).

The teacher from the same school as the D-Team kids. She is very hyperactive, excitable and passionate for her teaching. Michelle is petrified of dinosaurs and Michelle like Ursula get wound up when Zoe calls her an old lady.

Voiced by: Veronica Taylor
Meena is an Indian princess who befriends and swims alongside the Deltadromeus.

A girl who the D-Team befriend in Ancient Rome. She came from the town of Trachia which was invaded by the Roman Army sent to attack any who resisted. Her brother Spartacus was among those rounded up and made into a slave. The D-Team helps her free Spartacus from Lucius Cornelius Sulla. They succeed, but Sparticus ultimately loses the Cosmos Stone to Mihasa.

Sophia's brother who is a prisoner of Zula after he tried to get the slaves to stand up to Lucius Cornelius Sulla.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla:
A politician of Rome. He sent his army to Trachia to attack anyone who resists. Some of its civilians were captured and sold as slaves. Spartacus was one of them since he tried to get the slaves to stand up to him.

Jim: A boy encountered in the age of pirates trying to get a map stolen by the pirate Blackbeard so he could get the Cosmos Stone to save his village from an unmentioned plight. He and his father were attacked by Blackbeard's pirates and the British Military (who thought Jim and his dad are with Blackbeard). When his dad ends up captured, he helps the D-Team out. Mihasa, however, once again obtains the Cosmos Stone. He has a crush on Zoe, attempting to kiss her twice (both times, Zoe smacked him in the face). He was reunited with his father.

A pirate whom the D-Team encounter in the Caribbean Sea Arc.

Genzo Sansho Hoshi (Shwan-dzang):

A monk who the D-Team encounter in China's Tang Dynasty. He thinks chanting is the answer to all of life's problems. Whether this really works is unknown. Zanjark abducted him from his village in a plot to get to that time period's Cosmos Stone. The D-Team think he might of had something to do with Tank breaking the rock. However, once again the Zanjark get the Cosmos Stone. Dr. Z and Ursula pretend to be him a couple of times.

Ieyasu Tokugawa:
A shogun that the D-Team encounter in the Edo Period. He was separated from his escort group when Mihasa and a bunch of kunoichis attacked. At the same time, Zoe's father falls from the Zanjark Timeship and is mistakened as Ieyasu Tokugawa due to the resemblance. Ieyasu's right-hand man Hanzou goes out to look for the real one while Dr. Drake is used to cover for him.

Zara ( Karin01 says: I HATE HER) :
A Persian Princess that the D-Team encountered in Ancient Persia. Her caravan back to her kingdom was attacked by the 40 Thieves (there was 39 present since one of their own was sick) and she was their prisoner in their hideout. While in their hideout she encountered a genie lamp. When she rubbed it, the card of an Isisaurus that was exposed to the dripping water emerged from it. The D-Team rescued her though Rex and Max each developed a crush on her. She and the D-Team overheard that the 40 Thieves are in cahoots with Prime Minister Rasheed.

The leader of the 40 Thieves. He was in cahoots with the Sultan's Prime Minister Rasheed in a plot to overthrow him and take over the city. He was instructed to get his daughter Zara out of the way. When the Alpha Gang was caught with some of their treasure, he forced Ursula, Zander, and Ed to work with them by threatening to kill Dr. Z in various ways. He, Rasheed, and the 40 Thieves were defeated by the D-Team and arrested by the guards.

The sultan's Prime Minister. He was in cahoots with Zayid and his 40 Thieves in a plot to overthrow the sultan and take over his city. He ordered the 40 Thieves to abduct Princess Zara (who was returning from another city at the time) and get her out of the way. He was thwarted by the D-Team and arrested alongside the 40 Thieves.

Aladdin: A street person who helped the D-Team and Princess Zara fight Rasheed and his 40 Thieves allies.

Louis XIII of France:
The son of Marie de' Medici.

Lady Constance:
The servant of a young Louis XIII who allies with the D-Team to get the Eye of Gaia (which is the next Cosmos Stone).

Princess Anne:
The fiance of a younger Louis XIII. She was the godmother of the orphanage that was wrecked during the fight between Chomp and Mihasa's Rajasaurus. She was visting her uncle Dumas at the time. After learning about Richelieu's plot, she helps the D-Team by sending Louis XIII to tell his mother to call off the search.

Voiced by: Andrew Rannells
A young boy who lived in an old orphanage that was wrecked during the fight between Chomp and Mihasa's Rajasaurus. He was mad at Max for being involved in its destruction. With his fellow orphans, they form the Teen Musketeers and join up with the D-Team and Lady Constance to catch up to Princess Anne.

Cardinal Richelieu:
The cardinal to Queen Marie de' Medici who aides the Spectral Space Pirates in finding the next Cosmos Stone (which was believed by some to be the Eye of Gaia).

Megumi Matsumoto
Naoya Uchida