Kotetsushin Jeeg
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 13
Main Cast: (alphabetical)
Kenji Kusanagi
By Daisuke Ono
Type: Series
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Kotetsushin Jeeg

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Alternative title:
鋼鉄神ジーグ (Japanese)

The story of Kotetsushin Jeeg takes place fifty years after the original and features a new cast of characters—primarily the new main character Kenji Kusanagi, a high school student who becomes Kotetsushin Jeeg to fight the sudden reappearance of “Haniwa Genjin” (”Phantom Gods,” or clay robots) from the Yamatai Kingdom ruled by Queen Himika. Other characters include Tsubaki Tamashiro and Kyo Misumi. New versions of the Build Base (commanded by Senjiro Shiba, whose relation to Steel Jeeg’s “Machine Father” is unknown) and Big Shooter will also appear.
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Kenji Kusanagi (lead)Daisuke Ono