Kusano Akira
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Kusano Akira

Nobuta wo Produce (野ブタ。をプロデュース, Nobuta. wo Purodyūsu?) is a Japanese drama produced and aired in 2005 by NTV. The television show is based on the book of the same name by Gen Shiraiwa (ISBN 4-309-01683-9). The story follows the high school lives of Kiritani and Kusano as they attempt to make a shy Kotani into the most popular girl in school.

Shuji Kiritani (Kazuya Kamenashi) is a very popular high school boy who is close to Mariko Uehara (Erika Toda), the most popular girl in school, but whom he does not actually love. Akira Kusano (Tomohisa Yamashita), his classmate, does not really have any friends - something that is attributed to the fact that he cannot read the atmosphere well. One day, a very shy girl, Nobuko Kotani (Maki Horikita) transfers to their school and is instantly picked on by a group of girls for her shyness. As a testimony to their youth, Shuji and Akira team up and decide to "produce" her, to make her popular. They nickname her "Nobuta".

The various episodes deal with the pair's attempts at making Kotani popular by making her more appealing. Amidst this, a mysterious person insidiously attempts to waylay all of Kiritani and Kusano's efforts. Fortunately, the trio always manages pulls through with ingenuity.

Kiritani has to cope with his loss of popularity after he is caught out lying about Uehara and does not assist when a classmate is beaten up. Despite this, with the knowledge that his two true friends, Kusano and Kotani, will always be there for him, Kiritani gets over it. There is also the revelation of Aoi, Kotani's first friend besides Shuji and Akira, as the mysterious antagonist of the story. In the final episode, Kiritani discovers that he and his family must move out of Tokyo because of his father's job. Kusano follows Kiritani to his new hometown and surprises him by showing up at his new school. Kotani is left alone in Tokyo, but she has overcome her shyness, and is finally able to smile. She also becomes popular among the other students, and is no longer bullied. The end of the drama sees all three characters being able to "live wherever [they] are", having learned the meaning of friendship and love.

The drama centers around 3 main characters namely Kiritani, Kusano and Kotani.

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