Legend of Condor Hero 2003
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Legend of Condor Hero 2003

aka The Legend of Arching Hero

Based on legendary ‘wuxia’ author Louis Cha’s acclaimed novel, Legend of Arching Hero is the first installment of the Condor Trilogy and a re-make of TVB’s 1983 version that has intrigued countless fans for decades.

Set in the middle of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Mongolian invasion of China, the story begins with two young men, Yang Tie Xin and Guo Xiao Tian who are forced to flee for their lives when persecuted mercilessly by invading solders. Heroes in their own rights as they fight bravely against the Jin solders, the two men establish a bond so deep with each other that they swear to maintain ties through their children’s marriage (if both are of different gender) or sworn sisterhood/brotherhood (if both are of same gender).

Filled with fascinating characters and spectacular pugilistic duel scenes, the rest of the story is an epic tale that chronicles the trials and tribulations of their sons Guo Jing, raised in Mongolia under Genghis Khan’s protection and Yang Kang, who grew as a prince in the Jin empire. A must see for Louis Cha and wuxia fans, Legend of the Arching Hero is a visual knockout that follows Chronicles of the Heavenly Dragon, premiering 20 August 9pm on Channel U.

Cast: Li Ya Peng, Zhou Xun, Zhou Jie
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DirectorZhang Jizhong
Guo JingLi Yapeng
Huang RongZhou Xun
Mu NianciJiang Qinqin
Original Story
Yang KangZhou Jie