Lettuce Midorikawa
Bridget Verdant
Tokyo Mew Mew
By Kumi Sakuma
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Lettuce Midorikawa

Lettuce Midorikawa (碧川 れたす, Midorikawa Retasu) is the third member of the Mews Mews formally introduced to the readers. Lettuce first appears in the story when her classmates bully her at the endangered species exhibit and the other future Mew Mews come to her defense. Lettuce comes to Cafe Mew Mew with the same classmates, who are again bullying her. The girls order Lettuce to their school at night to investigate a rumor about a ghost attacking people at the pool. Ichigo again comes to her defense, and once alone, she and Lettuce introduce themselves. That night, Mint drags Ichigo to Lettuce's school to search for the ghost, presuming it is a chimera anima. At the pool, they are surprised to discover that the "ghost" is Lettuce. Terrified of her new Mew Mew powers and afraid they would cause her to be shunned, Lettuce became confused and began lashing out in fear. Ichigo and Mint are able to calm her down and help her see that rather than costing her friends, her new powers have helped her find real friends. Infused with the DNA of a Finless Porpoise, Lettuce's legs can change into a dolphin's tail while she is underwater, greatly improving her swimming ability and allowing her to breathe underwater. She fights with a pair of castanets.

Lettuce is initially portrayed as a very shy character lacking in self-confidence and the subject of frequent bullying. The other characters consider Lettuce to be a very kind, and selfless person. When Ichigo questions why Lettuce spends time with the girls who bully her, Lettuce tells her it is because she believes they are angry about events in their own lives, so she hopes that by being willing to listen to them, she may help them get past it and they can become friends. During a ocean battle with a chimera anima, Lettuce does not hesitate to jump into the ocean to save a child, though she herself cannot swim. As Lettuce spends more times with her fellow Mew Mews, their regular encouragement helps her to become a more confident person.

In the anime series, her voice actress is Kumi Sakuma. In the Mew Mew Power English adaptation her name is changed to Bridget Verdant and she is voiced by Bella Hudson.

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