Liar Game
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Liar Game

The Final Part/Episode
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22 / F / surviving in the sea
Posted 7/28/08  Reply  Quote
I uploaded that 3 part only need the 4th part and that would be the ending of it sorry so late i had so problems before and then i had school so i've been busy even on the weekends. and now i finally have a chance 2 upload it
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33 / M / the city that nev...
Posted 7/30/08  Reply  Quote
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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 8/8/08  Reply  Quote
can you upload it now please
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22 / F / clouds, sleeping
Posted 9/18/08  Reply  Quote
Kurosagi is licensed!! Unfair! I haven't watched even a single episode of it!

Is Kurosagi similar to Liar game???
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Posted 9/23/08  Reply  Quote
kurosagi is like liar game, but it's not a game. [lol] it also deals with a broken swindler... [yamapi!] and a law student [maki!]

the great thing about kurosagi is that it shows his weaknesses, and each episode deals with a real-life swindling.

i enjoyed both serieses, even though i though liar game was slightly better [in terms of plot and pace] i do recommend watching kurosagi.

liar game is on youtube. so is kurosagi. check out this user: minnieholicx26

my friend downloads j-dramas and burns them for me so i watched them on my pc =]
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 12/25/08  Reply  Quote
Kay for those who seen the last episode. I really dun get the last part. At the last part does it mean that there will be a second season?
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22 / F / cali!
Posted 12/26/08  Reply  Quote
i think liar game was better than kurosagi. kurosagi was very confusing on my part and i coouldnt understand some of the tricks even if i wanted to, but it was really funny watching yamapi act in all different ways. just maki's character was a little annoying.
i understand liar game a little better, and it packs up the suspense better than kurosagi.
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21 / F / DuMzViLe
Posted 12/30/08  Reply  Quote
@suzbanna - i think it meant the game is still there but they're gonna have new contestants..perhaps the management gave up on nao's pure honesty and decided on new contestants so they'd have a chance to profit too ^^.. but there wont be season 2.. except if there's another stupidly honest person out there XD lulz

the final episode was far too long... but it was good for understanding the MLM people's POV..
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24 / F / Paris, France
Posted 1/1/09  Reply  Quote
I also think that Liar Game was much better. Kurosagi got boring very fast, always the same stuff like in a lot of detective shows, when Liar Game was very interesting all the way. Well, just my opinion.

But if you want to watch a show similar to LG, check out Remote. It's about a very clever detective who lives hidden in his basement (dark past, angst, etc.) and a naive (hum... who said stupid? not me XD) police girl who is assigned to go to the crime scenes in his place while he tells her what to do from a cellphone. Even though it's not as good as LG (my all times favorite), it's still worth watching.
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