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Liar Game
Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2007
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Liar Game

Is there a season 2?
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21 / F / In da NO, California
Posted 9/21/08  Reply  Quote
i hope there is..but do yu think so?
848 cr points
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Posted 9/23/08  Reply  Quote
as much as i would like one, i don't think so =[
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74 / M / 東京都
Posted 9/25/08  Reply  Quote
i strongly hope for one
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21 / F / Kanagawa,Japan
Posted 9/29/08  Reply  Quote
i don't think so.
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18 / F / In front of the c...
Posted 10/5/08  Reply  Quote
we all hope so,but then they would have to think awfully hard since the boss of the game now knows there is good people. but we still want to no wat or how the relationship is between the main characters(nao and mr.somethin)
8119 cr points
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22 / M / Australia
Posted 10/10/08  Reply  Quote
as far as I remember at the end of it someone else got the money for a new liar game maybe she could get help from nao and akiyama
352 cr points
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23 / M / philippines
Posted 10/12/08  Reply  Quote
hoping... but i don't think so...
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Posted 10/13/08  Reply  Quote
i want one toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but with new cast
13214 cr points
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Posted 10/13/08, Edited 10/13/08  Reply  Quote
wooh.. there is still round 4 right? but i'm not sure if it's still about the the old man said that the 4th round is the real world of LIAR GAME---life's struggle for purity and honesty!

but i hope there'd be a second season, but again the old man already knows what's missing in his life, and he is already saved; there's no need for the game to proceed.....
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19 / F
Posted 10/20/08  Reply  Quote
i think that the ending proved that there will not be a season two.
the boss had believed in "light" and if there were to be a second season, the show would lose its meaning (:
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26 / F / Singapore
Posted 10/24/08  Reply  Quote
i hope there is a season two but i dun think there is one......
38078 cr points
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Posted 10/26/08  Reply  Quote
i dont think theirs theirs going to be season 2 cause the boss maybe died cause the daughter knew he was going to die! which means no organization
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22 / F / philippines
Posted 10/30/08  Reply  Quote
i hope there's season two..bcoz the other villain still yet alive..that one with the tooth of i dont if its gold or something..
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Posted 11/1/08  Reply  Quote
i hope not. fine the way it is.
55 cr points
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Posted 11/2/08  Reply  Quote
The ending was appropriate so I'm not sure if I want a second season although I also want a second season b/c it was so good.

There is a possibility for a second season in that from my understanding, the manga is still ongoing, so they had to stop it before round 4 just b/c it wasn't complete yet. Plus, it seems to me that the boss guy is not in full control of the game. The Liar Game is managed by the LGT office, and the dealer dude explicitly said that they made an exception for the resurrection game, probably seeing that the boss dude was the Liar Game's creator and financer. However, the dealer guy did say that if the boss tried to make it his own personal game, then there'd be dire consequences. So I don't think the boss has complete control over the game (as demonstrated by the continuation of the Liar Game even after the boss had his epiphany).

Plus, I don't think the drama really addressed the goal of the Liar Game as it existed long before Nao and Akiyama's involvement. The boss guy pretty much only answered Akiyama's question as "why Nao got involved in this", not why the Liar Game was created in thie first place and what drives its continuation. I really would like to know more about LGT office, but maybe I just have to read the manga for that.

By the way the drama ended, I think they gave it a proper ending for if they decided not to continue w/a 2nd season, but also left it open in case they wanted to continue by showing that the Liar Game was by no means, ended or over.
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