Lord Darcia the Third
First Name: Darcia
Gender: Male
Type: Person
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Lord Darcia the Third

Darushia (ダルシア?)

The third generation of the Darcia family of Nobles, who were said to be cursed after Darcia the First disappeared into "Paradise". Due to his grandfather's curse, Darcia is now plagued with the eye of a wolf. He seeks to use Cheza to somehow revive his lover Hamona,[2] who has been stricken with "Paradise sickness", in which her soul is "taken by Paradise", causing her to fall into a coma. But Hamona's death changes that plan, with Darcia mysteriously disappearing after the destruction of his keep until he resurfaces at Jaguara's city, the loss of Hamona driving Darcia mad. Eventually after avenging her death, he discards his love for Hamona, saying that "she is nowhere now", and assumes the form of a giant wolf, revealing his clan to be descended from wolves that chose to become completely human. After killing all of Kiba's pack, he walks toward what he believes to be paradise but is then incinerated, leaving only his wolf eye.

Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese), Steven Blum (English)

Source: Wikipedia
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