Lucy Liberty
ルーシー リバティ
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Lucy Liberty

This is a list of characters in Nintendo's F-Zero video game franchise, by software release. F-Zero is a series of futuristic racing games originally created by Nintendo EAD (originally Research & Development Team 4) and has been continually produced by Nintendo, although some games were created outside this developer. The video game franchise has led to an anime series and a variety of merchandise.

The series casually centers around the poster child Captain Falcon's talented racing and bounty hunting abilities and his encounters with the other F-Zero characters. Numerous characters were introduced in each completed installment of the franchises' video games with many of them appearing in multiple titles. The games are either set in the 22nd century or at a later time period, with each game revolving around the high-speed F-Zero Grand Prix races. Each character has their own unique vehicle and reason for entering the F-Zero Grand Prix. The winner of the Grand Prix receives prestige as well as a large sum of prize money.

Source: Wikipedia
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